King Kong

The ultimate monster movie and one of the grandest and most beloved adventure films ever made, KING KONG is a film that has given us one of the most enduring icons of American popular culture--a massively destructive but curiously sympathetic giant gorilla whose rampage through New York City suggests, on a psychological level, the re-emergence of more

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Writer (2 Credits)
James Ashmore Creelman
Ruth Rose
Cinematographer (3 Credits)
Eddie Linden
J.O. Taylor
Vernon Walker
Editor (1 Credit)
Ted Cheesman
Musical Composer (1 Credit)
Art Director (3 Credits)
Carroll Clark
Van Nest Polglase
Set Decorator (1 Credit)
Thomas Little
Special Effects (8 Credits)
Byron L. Crabbe
Carroll L. Shepphird
E.B. Gibson
Fred Reese
Marcel Delgado
Mario Larrinaga
Orville Goldner
Willis O'Brien