A witty animated feature from Disney based on the famous Rudyard Kipling stories. Abandoned as a child, Mowgli is raised by wolves, then befriended by a panther who attempts to return him to civilization until the beast realizes that the wolf-boy doesn't want to leave the jungle. Mowgli's

happy-go-lucky trail leads to a meeting with a lazy bear, a kidnapping by monkeys, and an encounter with a fire-fearing tiger. In the finale, Mowgli sees a beautiful young girl with whom he falls in love, finally forsaking jungle life to be with her.

The last animated film to be directly overseen by Walt Disney himself, JUNGLE BOOK contains some great visual laughs and is low on sticky sentiment, but the sketchy animation style strains to be modern and looks careless instead. Well-known personalities are particularly effective in providing the

voices, notably Phil Harris, Louis Prima, and especially George Sanders. Released ten months after Disney's death, the film went on to be one of the studio's most successful pictures.