Burgess is the interest of both Baxter, cast as the Cisco Kid, and Lowe, a sergeant in pursuit of Baxter. The crafty gal betrays the dashing Cisco Kid but falls victim to a bullet from Lowe's gun. Famous for being the first major sound western, this picture made progressive use of exterior

sound and photography, racking up six major Academy Award nominations. Baxter was the only one, however, to actually receive the prized statuette. The direction was begun by Raoul Walsh, who also intended to star as Cisco, but fell victim to an accident which resulted in the loss of an eye--though

making way for his trademarked eye patch. Cummings took over the reins and completed the job in a more-than-admirable fashion. Baxter won an Oscar for Best Actor for his peformance, and the film also earned nominations for Best Picture, Best Director (Cummings), Best Writing Achievement, and Best