Reminiscent of earlier Disney live-action classics like THE ABSENT-MINDED PROFESSOR and SON OF FLUBBER, HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS provides a wonderful blend of thrills, character, and humor that will keep both children and adults charmed and engaged throughout.

Rick Moranis stars as Prof. Wayne Szalinski, a nutty inventor who is trying to create a machine that will shrink living things. When the professor's kids--teenage daughter Amy (Amy O'Neil) and little brother Nick (Robert Oliveri)--and two of their friends (Thomas Brown, Jared Rushton) accidentally

activate the machine, they are all shrunk to quarter-inch size. So begins their dangerous adventure from the trash can, where the professor has unknowingly put them, through the seemingly gargantuan back yard, to what they hope will be the safety of the house.

Based on a story by Stuart Gordon (RE-ANIMATOR), Brian Yuzna and Ed Naha, HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS was to have been directed by Gordon, but, after conflicts with the studio, he was replaced by special-effects man Joe Johnston (making his directorial debut). Espousing values of decency and

tolerance between its terrific action sequences, HONEY harkens back to Disney's past. Consistently exciting, inventive and fun, the film is a rollicking good adventure, with enough bravura effects to keep the most hyperactive youngster interested. Fittingly, Buena Vista's best release since WHO

FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? was coupled with a brand new Roger Rabbit cartoon short, TUMMY TROUBLE, the first animated short produced by the Disney studio in over 25 years.