• 1962
  • Movie
  • NR
  • Biography, War

Richard Basehart offers an interesting interpretation of the Fuhrer in this uneven film that puts as much emphasis on Hitler's sexual confusion as it does on the world-shaking events he set in motion. Theorizing that Hitler suffered from impotence as a result of his fixation with his mother, the film deals with his early relationship with his young niece...read more

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(Movie Clip) Braun, Eva Braun
Consulting with Goebbels (Martin Kosleck), der Fuhrer (Richard Basehart) is impressed with the advice of the pretty new secretary (Maria Emo), in dire (more…)
(Movie Clip) International Jewish Conspiracy
Attended by Goerring (John Mitchum), Roehm (Berry Kroeger), Himmler (Rick Traeger), Goebbels (Martin Kosleck) et al, der Fuhrer (Richard Basehart) pla (more…)
(Movie Clip) Mein Kampf
With aide Emil (Albert Szabo), the gently incarcerated future-Fuhrer (Richard Basehart) dictates, offending fellow inmate Schoenberg (Norbert Schiller (more…)
(Movie Clip) Petit Bourgeois Moralist
John Banner (Sergeant Schultz!) shows backbone as a Nazi official challenging der Fuhrer (Richard Basehart) about his niece (Cordula Trantow) at a par (more…)