Elwood P. Dowd (Jimmy Stewart) is the whimsical inebriate whose kindness spills over into the lives of all around him as he tries to help those in need. Elwood lurches home one night to see a six-foot rabbit named Harvey leaning against a lamppost. This invisible "Pooka" becomes his friend

and follows him everywhere, much to the chagrin of Elwood's social-climbing family, who think he has finally flipped and should be put in an asylum. Faithfully adapted by Mary Chase from her popular Broadway play, HARVEY is a delightful comedy-fantasy. Jimmy Stewart, in one of his best-loved

roles, is wonderful as the gentle, sweet soul who befriends the invisible rabbit. His performance earned him an Oscar nomination, and the priceless Josephine Hull, as Stewart's harried sister, was honored as Best Supporting Actress. The supporting cast features wonderful work from Dow (who retired

far too soon), Drake, Kellaway, Horne, and White. Henry Koster's direction is sharp and moves along at a rapid clip. This is a happy movie and leaves a long, lingering warm glow.