This one got lost in the shuffle. Jim Henson himself directed the muppets along with Charles Grodin, John Cleese, Robert Morley and other English types. The Muppet menagerie cavorts in the middle of London in this, their second film. There's a plot this time--the famous "Baseball"

diamond has been stolen--and the music is even better than THE MUPPET MOVIE. That first film with the muppet crew had to be a success; this time it was more difficult. Nonetheless, the caper plot that Henson and company worked out manages to hold adult interest for quite a while.

Kermit, Fozzie Bear, and Gonzo are reporters investigating the theft of fashion queen Lady Holiday's (Diana Rigg) jewels. Lady Holiday's brother, Nicky (Charles Grodin), frames Miss Piggy for the theft but the other Muppets save the day. The film boasts fewer guest-star cameo appearances than the

first time around but those who are here do a good job, and Miss Piggy's Busby Berkeley-type dance and the water ballet are fun to watch. Followed by THE MUPPETS TAKE MANAHATTAN.