Ghost Ship

A salvage crew boards an abandoned luxury liner and gradually learns that they have more to fear than rusted-out decks. May 21, 1962, somewhere off the coast of Labrador. A siren in a red dress (Francesca Rettondini) croons while glamorous couples sip champagne and dance beneath the stars aboard the super-deluxe Italian liner Antonia Graza. A little more

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Director (1 Credit)
Writer (2 Credits)
Mark Hanlon
Source (1 Credit)
Mark Hanlon
Exec. Producer (2 Credits)
Co-Producer (2 Credits)
Richard Mirisch
Susan Levin
Assoc. Producer (1 Credit)
Cinematographer (1 Credit)
Editor (1 Credit)
Musical Composer (1 Credit)
Production Designer (1 Credit)
Art Director (1 Credit)
Richard Hobbs
Set Decorator (1 Credit)
Bev Dunn
Costumes (1 Credit)
Margot Wilson
Special Effects (4 Credits)
Photon VFX
Daniel Harvey
Gerard Benjamin Pierre
Sound (1 Credit)
Paul Brincat
Make Up (3 Credits)
JMB FX Studio
K.N.B. EFX Group
Nikki Gooley
Stunts (1 Credit)
Danny Baldwin