A poignant, personal fairy tale from the director of PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE, BEETLEJUICE and BATMAN.

Edward (Johnny Depp) is the creation of an inventor (Vincent Price) who dies before his work is completed, leaving his otherwise perfect progeny with pointed metal shards for hands. When Avon Lady Peg (Dianne Wiest) comes calling at Edward's Gothic castle one day, she takes a shine to the creature

and persuades him to go back with her to the picture-perfect, pastel-colored suburb where she lives. The initially terrified Edward becomes an object of great curiosity among Peg's neighbors, and soon gains minor celebrity status with his unique talents for hedge trimming and hair styling. But

Edward's newfound happiness is threatened when the suburban residents come to believe he is guilty of a crime.

Drawing upon influences that range from FRANKENSTEIN to BEING THERE, Burton creates a satire/allegory that is both funny and moving. The theme--that just beyond the edge of the perfectly normal lies the truly bizarre--is realized with intelligence and visual flair. In one particularly charming

sequence, Edward creates a beautiful sculpture from a slab of ice, as Kim dances in the frozen flakes which rain down from his flying metallic fingers. Fine performances all around, particularly from Depp and the immensely sympathetic Wiest.