Edge Of Sanity 1989 | Movie Watchlist


Is Norman Bates alive and well and living in England? PSYCHO's Anthony Perkins, once again capitalizing on his Hitchcock persona of a schizoid homicidal maniac, appears in dual roles as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in EDGE OF SANITY, yet another reworking of Robert Louis Stevenson's Victorian

classic of murder, mayhem, and split personality. Havoc (and crack) is created when a laboratory monkey knocks over a corrosive liquid into cocaine Jekyll had been testing for use as an anaesthesic. The dedicated doctor inhales the fumes and turns into Jack Hyde, a Jack the Ripper type who stalks

and kills prostitutes in 19th-century London. Occasionally attempting high camp, EDGE OF SANITY obviously isn't meant to be taken seriously, despite its expensive production values and surrealistic photography--both surprisingly good. But the rest of EDGE OF SANITY (shot mostly in Budapest with

some English exteriors) doesn't measure up to its technical proficiency.