The directorial debut of the Los Angeles Lakers' most famous fan, Jack Nicholson, DRIVE, HE SAID is an ambitious but confused film about basketball, draft dodging and sleeping with professors' wives. Hector (William Tepper), the long-haired star of an Ohio college team, can't decide if he

wants to turn pro or join Gabriel (Michael Margotta), his radical roommate, in bringing about the revolution In the meantime, he's content to carry on an affair with a faculty wife (Karen Black). Gabriel works so hard at convincing the draft board that he's bonkers that he really does go off the

deep end. In addition to Bruce Dern, who is outstanding as Hector's coach, the cast includes future writer-directors Robert Towne and Henry Jaglom, as well as one-time UCLA basketball star Mike Warren, who would go on to make several more films and be featured in TV's popular "Hill Street