Dead Man Walking

Perhaps it only seems long, attenuated by the intentions with which the road to hell is reputedly paved. In the real-life Sister Prejean, Susan Sarandon has found a plum role for an aging Hollywood sexpot with pretensions to high seriousness (Demi Moore must be furious). She's an activist nun who defies the church's sexist hierarchy while ministering more



Director (1 Credit)
Writer (1 Credit)
Source (1 Credit)
Producer (3 Credits)
Jon Kilik
Rudd Simmons
Exec. Producer (2 Credits)
Assoc. Producer (1 Credit)
Cinematographer (1 Credit)
Roger A. Deakins
Editor (1 Credit)
Lisa Zeno Churgin
Musical Composer (1 Credit)
Production Designer (1 Credit)
Richard Hoover
Art Director (1 Credit)
Tom Warren
Costumes (1 Credit)
Renee Ehrlich Kalfus
Casting (1 Credit)
Douglas Aibel
Music/Lyrics Composer (1 Credit)
Sound (2 Credits)
Joel Holland
Tod A. Maitland
Make Up (1 Credit)
Michal Bigger