Based on a 1902 play, I CONFESS is built around the fact that a Catholic priest may not divulge information heard in the confessional, even if that information pertains to the solving of a criminal case. Fr. Michael Logan (Clift) is a young curate at a Quebec church when he hears the

confession of German refugee Otto Keller (Hasse), who admits to murdering lawyer Vilette (Legare). Since Vilette was blackmailing Ruth Grandfort (Baxter), the woman who has always loved Father Logan, suspicion falls on the innocent priest. Father Logan is brought to trial and must choose between

the sanctity of the confessional and saving his own life. There was little room for Hitchcock's usual humor here, nor is there even much suspense. Karl Malden is the police inspector in the case, but doesn't get much of a chance to shine. The same goes for Aherne as the prosecutor who is hampered

by having to do an abrupt change of allegiance. Less than great, but still intriguing.