Brian O'Halloran Dante Hicks
Kevin Smith Silent Bob
Scott Schiaffo Chewlie's Rep
Scott Mosier William the Idiot Manchild/Angry Hockey Playing Cu
Walt Flanagan Wooden Cap Smoker/Egg Man/Offended Customer/Cat Ad
Al Berkowitz Old Man
Ed Hapstak Sanford
Lee Bendick #812 Wynarski
David Klein Hunting Cap Smoking Boy/Low IQ Video Customer/Hub
Pattijean Csik Coroner
Ken Clark Administer of Fine
Donna Jeanne Indecisive Video Customer
Virginia Smith Caged Animal Masturbator
Betsy Broussard Dental School Video Customer
Ernest O'Donnell Trainer
Kimberly Loughran Alyssa's Sister Heather
Gary Stern Tabloid Reading Customer
Joe Bagnole Cat Shit Watching Customer
John Henry Westhead Olaf the Russian Metalhead
Chuck Dickel Stock in Chips Can
Leslie Hope Jay's Lady Friend
Connie O'Connor "Happy Scrappy" Mom
Vincent Pereira Hockey Goalie/Engagement Savvy Customer
Erix Infante Bed Wetting Dad/Cold Coffee Lover
Melissa Crawford Video Confessor/Candy Confession Customer
Dan Hapstak Door Tugging Customer
Mitch Cohen Leaning Against Wall
Matthew Banta Burner Looking For Wood
Rajiv Thapar Cut-Off Customer
Mike Belicose Customer with Diapers
Jane Kuritz Customer with Vaseine and Rubber Gloves
Frances Cresci Little Smoking Girl
Matt Crawford Angry Man at Door
Sarla Thapar Angry Woman at Door
Leslie Hope Angry Woman at Door
Mitch Cohen Angry Man at Door
David Klein Angry Man at Door
Brian Drinkwater Hockey Player
Bob Fisler Hockey Player
Derek Jaccodine Hockey Player
Matthew Pereira Angry Smoking Man
Frank Pereira Angry Smoking Man
Carl Roth Angry Smoking Man
Paul Finn Angry Smoking Man