• 1937
  • Movie
  • NR
  • Romance

The great Garbo at her radiant peak, and certainly among the top five most romantic movies ever made. Cukor's renowned "rapport" with actresses is unfailing here. MGM's glamour shows unmistakable care---if it's not the same as style, the luxuriance befits the story of a courtesan. It's a puzzle why Garbo's Marguerite is a whore--she seems too intelligent, more

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Camille - Official Trailer
02:02 — A Parisienne courtesan is forced to sacrifice her own happiness in order to prove her love. Oscar-nominated performance from Garbo!
Camille - Official Trailer
02:31 — Theirs was the wedding nobody wanted to see Camille (Miller), the sweetest girl in all of Kentucky, just married the only man she has ever loved, Sila (more…)