A crude, violent, comedy-thriller about mismatched buddies, in which the homoerotic subtext is overpowering and the action has a sadistic edge that sours the laughs. Undercover cop Rock (Damon Wayans) is forced to bust petty criminal Archie (Adam Sandler),

with whom he's become friends. Archie shoots Rock (it's an accident, sort of) and goes on the lam. Rock sets an all-time record for recovering from a bullet in the head -- managing at the same time to romance his lovely physical therapist, who appears to subscribe to the Marvin Gaye school of

healing -- and is sent out to capture Archie. The guys have to overcome their by now considerable differences to elude vicious, angry drug dealer Frank Colton (James Caan), who wants to kill them both. Sandler whines and mugs; Wayans mugs and complains. The whole sorry business is incontrovertible

proof that Hollywood learned all the wrong lessons from 48 HRS.: Bring back Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy, please!