A brutal look at the British underworld--as seen through the amoral eyes of teenaged thug Pinkie Brown, played brilliantly by the 24 year-old Attenborough. In this adaptation of the popular Graham Greene novel, Pinkie heads a race track gang and commits a murder, using a pretty waitress

(Marsh) as an alibi. Worried that she still might betray him, he marries the young woman, planning to kill her by driving her to suicide. His scheme eventually backfires in an ending which, though softened somewhat from Greene's original, still drips with cynical irony. A moody, well-acted film

(Hartnell and Baddeley are particularly good), notable for bringing a new viciousness to British cinema (e.g. razor blade slashing). Striking handled by the Boulting brothers and still worth a look for its almost palpable sense of dread, the film can't quite recapture the impact it had upon its

initial release.