The animated adventures of the "Peanuts" gang come off surprisingly well in this feature-length treatment, largely because the film is faithful to the spirit of the famous comic strip. Charlie Brown goes to a national spelling bee and, of course, loses. In general, A BOY NAME CHARLIE

BROWN provides good entertainment, though Rod McKuen's songs are a little hard to take. Musical numbers include the Piano Sonata Opus 13 (Pathetique) (Beethoven), "Failure Face," "Champion Charlie Brown," "Cloud Dreams," "Charlie Brown and His All Stars," "We Lost Again," "Blue Charlie Brown,"

"Time to Go to School," "I Only Dread One Day at a Day," "By Golly I'll Show 'Em," "Class Champion," "School Spelling Bee," "Start Boning up on Your Spelling, Charlie Brown," "You'll Either Be a Hero...or a Goat," "Bus Station," "Do Piano Players Make a Lot of Money?" "I've Got to Get My Blanket

Back," "Big City," "Found Blanket," "National Spelling Bee," "B-E-A-G-L-E," "Homecoming," "I'm Never Going to School Again," "Welcome Home, Charlie Brown" (Rod McKuen, Vince Guaraldi), "I Before E" (John Scott Trotter, Alan Shean). The film received an Oscar nomination for Best Song Score.