In this sequel to THE BLACK STALLION, Alec (Kelly Reno, who starred in the original) is now a teenager taking care of his beloved steed on a farm. Two rival bands of villainous Moroccans want the stallion for a race that's held every five years, and one gang succeeds in stealing him and

bringing him to Africa. Naturally, a race forms the conclusion of the film, but after so many silly, superfluous plot twists and turns, nobody much cares. Gone is the joy and wide-eyed fun of the original; in its place is a hokey, ho-hum story that might have come out of a computer. Vincent Spano

(Sheik in BABY, IT'S YOU) does a nice job as an Arab. Allen Goorwitz (alias Garfield) fails to impress as a Middle Eastern type. The film falls between reality and fantasy and achieves neither.