A warm, sentimental comedy-fantasy, a follow-up to the similar but superior IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE.

Niven plays an Episcopalian bishop praying for money to build a new church. His marriage is apparently over and his faith is quivering when Grant, an angel who uses his powers so sparingly that he might have been from the Welcome Wagon, arrives on the scene. Young, as Niven's wife, never learns

Cary is from Up There as he unobtrusively helps her and Niven achieve some peace on earth and goodwill toward each other.

Under Koster's typically smooth direction, everyone seems to be having a good time, enjoying the script without mocking its blandness. The picture runs on a bit long and it does pale by comparison to the book, but it was a welcome smile in 1947 and has the same effect today. Popular and acclaimed

in its day, the film was rather surprisingly nominated for Best Picture of the year.