Deft tale of innocence's wisdom. Jerzy Kosinski's modern fable gets a terrific translation to the screen due to his tight screenplay, capable direction by Ashby, and a marvelous performance by Sellers, one unlike any other in his career. Simpleton becomes wealthy and famous, but flimsy idea

goes on too long. MacLaine is funny as the sex-starved wife who at first is amusedly captivated by Sellers then falls in love with him. Deschanel's stunning cinematography also deserves praise, as does Mandel's very appropriate score. Sellers was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar but lost to Dustin

Hoffman for KRAMER VS. KRAMER, while Douglas won his second Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor (his first came for HUD in 1963). Filmed in Washington, DC; Los Angeles; and at the Biltmore, the Vanderbilts' North Carolina mansion.