This just in from Hollywood: The working class is simply charming! Apparently, northern New England is full of hunky guys (Matt Dillon, Timothy Hutton, Michael Rapaport, among others) who wear cool work clothes, drive around in pickup trucks and like nothing

better than sitting around the piano and singing boozy versions of "Sweet Caroline." If the guys sound really, well, real, get a load of the gals (Annabeth Gish, Martha Plimpton, Mira Sorvino et al.). One of them (Rosie O'Donnell) is so darn feisty, she has a big speech about how the gorgeous

babes you see in magazines are the stuff of fantasy. Who knew? Complete with Uma Thurman gliding through town as some kind of visiting angel, BEAUTIFUL GIRLS wavers between being condescending and downright preposterous, but there are redeeming moments. Natalie Portman, as a 13-year-old on whom

Hutton develops a strangely affecting crush, is a delight.