Bachelor Party 1984 | Movie Watchlist


A smash hit teeny-bopper movie that proves again there is no accounting for taste. Hanks is a carefree school-bus driver who enjoys his work, his hobby (metal sculpture), and his life. He meets and falls for wealthy Kitaen, and they decide to marry, against the wishes of her snobbish

parents. The night before the nuptials, the traditional rite of the bachelor party is to take place. Hanks's playful friends decide to make this a bachelor party to end all bachelor parties. On the same evening Kitaen's friends have planned to take her out to a male strip show, but Kitaen has a

better idea. To keep an eye on her fiance, she and her pals dress up as prostitutes to attend the bachelor party. Despite the success of the movie, we turn thumbs way down on this melange of cheap thrills and flat jokes, saved only by the performance of Hanks and some good work by pal Zmed. Hanks

is the only oasis in this Sahara of smut.