• 1986
  • Movie
  • R
  • Science Fiction

The long-awaited sequel to the successful ALIEN is a nonstop, high-tech, souped-up war movie, with gung ho marines blasting special-effects creatures, and a genuinely convincing, exciting action heroine. Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is found in deep space by a salvage ship and brought back to a space station, where Burke (Paul Reiser), a representative of more

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Director (1 Credit)
James Cameron
Writer (1 Credit)
James Cameron
Source (5 Credits)
Dan O'Bannon
David Giler
James Cameron
Ronald Shusett
Walter Hill
Producer (1 Credit)
Gale Anne Hurd
Exec. Producer (3 Credits)
David Giler
Gordon Carroll
Walter Hill
Cinematographer (1 Credit)
Adrian Biddle
Editor (1 Credit)
Ray Lovejoy
Musical Composer (1 Credit)
James Horner
Production Designer (1 Credit)
Peter Lamont
Art Director (4 Credits)
Bert Davey
Fred Hole
Ken Court
Michael Lamont
Set Decorator (1 Credit)
Crispian Sallis
Costumes (1 Credit)
Emma Porteous
Special Effects (4 Credits)
L.A. Effects Group
John Richardson
Norman Baillie
Stan Winston
Make Up (1 Credit)
Peter Robb-King
Stunts (1 Credit)
Paul Weston