In this breezy sequel to THE THIN MAN, William Powell and Myrna Loy are up to their ears in three quick murders after Elissa Landi asks Powell to find her vanished husband. It seems that hubby has been trysting with nightclub songbird Penny Singleton (later of BLONDIE fame), and is also

blackmailing big shot Joseph Calleia. Powell learns that James Stewart, who also has a yen for Singleton, has paid the husband to "disappear" a former girl friend. The investigation proves to be the only distraction in the lives of Powell and Loy. (She's idle and rich; he drinks incessantly except

when working, so of course she wants him working to curb the booze.) The missing husband, Alan Marshal, turns up murdered, so Powell rounds up the suspects and names the killer (an unlikely casting candidate).

The script is tight, the direction is swift and arresting, and the cast is tops--MGM surrounded its two quipping stars with the best character actors on the lot. Dashiell Hammett's snappy banter and cynical worldview were kept intact by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett, making this production

all the more delectable.