• 1972
  • Movie
  • G
  • Historical, Musical

Neither particularly entertaining nor historically accurate, this is a musical attempt at reconstructing the drafting of the Declaration of Independence. The founding fathers are depicted as a less than exemplary lot, given to weakness and vices but nonetheless committed to liberty. At least, most of them are, and none more than John Adams (William Daniels),...read more

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  • 1776 Tuesday Jul 4th, 10:15pm

1776 - Official Trailer
03:14 — You'll be seeing stars and stripes as the most fascinating leaders in American history come to life in 1776, a musical about the birth of a nation! Wi (more…)
(Movie Clip) Lees of Old Virginia
Ron Holgate as the boisterous Richard Henry Lee leads John Adams (William Daniels) and Ben Franklin (Howard Da Silva) in Sherman Edwards' The Lees of (more…)
(Movie Clip) Opening Credits
Opening title credits and first scene featuring William Daniels (as John Adams) from Jack L. Warner's final production, the musical 1776, 1972, direct (more…)
1776 - (Original Trailer)
America's founding fathers work out their differences over the Declaration of Independence through song in the musical 1776 (1972).
(Movie Clip) He Plays the Violin
Martha Jefferson (Blythe Danner) leads Franklin (Howard Da Silva) and Adams (William Daniels) in Sherman Edwards' song about her husband Tom, in 1776, (more…)