Eminem Meets Bruno's Crotch, Leaves Movie Awards


Never butt into Eminem at an awards show — especially not with your butt.

The rapper, who had an infamous encounter with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at the 2002 Video Music Awards, was in no mood to get cheeky with Sacha Baron Cohen's flamboyant alter ego, Bruno, at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards. Baron Cohen, wearing angel wings and a scanty thong, descended on wires and staged a crash-landing upside-down onto Eminem.

"Are you ...
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Susan Boyle Backlash Begins... and Porn Offer Predictably Rolls In

Susan Boyle

The Susan Boyle backlash has begun.

Most of the complaints aren't specifically about Boyle, but about the show-business touches that framed her Britain's Got Talent performance, which has been viewed online more than 30 million times. read more

Project Runway's Kenley Collins Pleads Guilty

Kenley Collins

And now she won't be Kenley Penley.

Kenley Collins, Project Runway's retro-fied Season 5 finalist, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, E! Online reports. The designer was arrested last month on charges of assault and criminal possession of a weapon after her then-fiancé, musician Zak Penley, 28, accused her of attacking him with her pet cat.

A Brooklyn judge ordered Collins to pay ...
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SVU Without Mariska and Meloni?

Law & Order: SVU

The good news: NBC has renewed Law & Order: SVU, its highest-rated drama, for an 11th season. The bad news: The network is threatening to replace Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni, according to EW's Michael Ausiello.

This shocking development comes as the two leads have reportedly banded together to negotiate pay increases in the form of a share of the back-end profits. An NBC representative told that it is their policy not to comment on talent negotiations. While a hard-line threat is a common tactic in salary negotiations, it seems unlikely that NBC would follow through with the firings.

But it raises the question: Could SVU exist without its two popular leads?

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Seth Rogen and Andy Samberg in SNL Digital Short "Like a Boss"

Andy Samberg

Lorne Michaels may be the head honcho over at SNL, but Andy Samberg is the boss. In his latest digi-short, guest host Seth Rogen interviews Samberg for his performance review, which includes his run-through of a typical day: calling corporate, remembering birthdays, buying a gun and eating chicken strips. (Wait, what was the part before the chicken?) 

Watch the video after the jump.

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Bones Gets a 'Toon-Up: Boreanaz and "Stewie" Talk Smack

Bones' David Boreanaz, Family Guy's Stewie

As Bones' Booth ponders becoming a family man, he'll get a visit from Family Guy's Stewie, in a "crossover" episode slated to air May 7.

The set-up for this unusual merger of genres: When Bones' Brennan asks Booth to father her a child, the normally nonplussed federal agent becomes consumed ... read more

Project Runway's Kenley Collins Accused of Attacking Fiancé with Cat

Kenley Collins

Project Runway designer Kenley Collins often sparred with Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum, but now she's accused of putting the cat in catfight.

The Season 6 finalist, often remembered as the contestant with the ginormous ego and nails-on-a-chalkboard voice, was charged with assault and criminal possession of a weapon after attacking her musician fiancé Zak Penley, 28, with her pet cat ... read more

Joaquin Phoenix Confronts Heckler at Hip-Hop Show

Joaquin Phoenix

Looks like Joaquin Phoenix is trying to toughen up his new hip-hop image.

Shortly after taking the stage at a Miami Beach night club, Phoenix had words with a heckler and jumped into the audience to confront the man, according to The Associated Press. Phoenix appeared on stage smoking a cigarette, dressed in a disheveled suit and sporting his now trademark beard early Thursday morning. He began rapping unintelligibly, but soon became agitated and addressed a member of the audience.

"We have a f---ing bitch in the audience," Phoenix said, adding later, "This is a $3,000 f---ing suit," according to Us.

Phoenix then jumped into the audience... read more

Bachelor or Bastard? Jason Infuriates But Doesn't Surprise

The Bachelor, Jason Mesnick

The heart wants what the heart wants, as Woody Allen famously said. But that hasn't made anyone less angry at Jason Mesnick.

The Bachelor star's decision to dump Melissa — the woman he proposed to in the season finale, for Molly, the runner-up — elicited this quick assessment from his now-ex fiancée: "You're a bastard." But is he? read more's Top Moments of the Week: Catfights, Costumes and Conan

American Idol, Big Love

What a great week for confrontation: Bachelorette vs. Bachelorette. President Obama vs. a potential 2012 rival. American Idol vs. music itself. We scratched through catfights and lightsaber duels to get to the ultimate faceoff in our No. 2 spot... and the historic reunion at the top. read more

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