Which Beloved TV Mom Says She Got Crabs?

Florence Henderson

Florence Henderson is no Carol Brady.

The 77-year-old actress, who portrayed the  Brady Bunch matriarch, says she got crabs after a fling with former New York City Mayor John Lindsay in the 1960s.

In her new memoir, Life Is Not a Stage, Henderson says... read more

The End of The Prisoner: Who Is No. 1?

The Prisoner

In the old and new versions of The Prisoner, Six wants Two to answer the burning question: Who is No. 1?

In AMC's updated six-part version of the '60s cult classic, an answer comes from a schoolgirl in Monday's Episode 3. Her rote response sounds as if it's had been drummed into her head:

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Top Moments: House's Living Autopsy, Mad Men's Shocking Discovery and More!

House, Mad Men

There were a lot of dirty tricks on TV this week. Jo Reynolds (Daphne Zuniga) cajoled poor Riley into posing topless on Melrose Place. House and Foreman conducted an autopsy on a living person. Gossip Girl's Chuck kissed a guy because of Blair's deception. CSI: Miami's Eric Delko tricked us all by slinking off into the night with barely any explanation. Welcome to this week's Top Moments: Dirty Tricks Edition.

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Sheriff Calls Balloon Boy a "Hoax," Specifies Criminal Charges

Heene Family

The sheriff investigating the Balloon Boy incident said Sunday it was a "hoax" and a "publicity stunt" the boy's parents hoped to parlay into a reality TV show, and promised that charges would be presented to the local district attorney's office. read more

Balloon, Boy Rivet Nation

The Heene Family

The balloon drama that transfixed the nation — and left viewers terrified at the grim possibilities — ended happily and a bit absurdly Thursday with the discovery that the young boy once thought to have been carried across the Colorado sky had never taken to the air.

Cable news channels followed a helium-filled balloon thought to carry the 6-year-old boy, whose family was featured last year on ABC's Wife Swap, and the coverage continued for hours. The balloon landed softly, with the aptly but bizarrely named Falcon Heene not inside. That led to endless vamping and filler as reporters and experts tried to guess where he was, whether he was alive and whether it might have been a hoax.

At one point CNN broke ... read more

James Franco to Appear on General Hospital

James Franco

When Hollywood says zig, James Franco says: No, man, zag! The mercurial actor is joining the cast of General Hospital, has confirmed.

Yes, you read that right. The star of Spider-Man, Pineapple Express, and Milk (See a theme? No, because there isn't one) will join the long-running soap on Nov. 20, and will... read more

5 Reasons to Watch Modern Family

Modern Family

ABC's Modern Family (premiering Wednesday, 9/8c) is one of the funniest new sitcoms, hence its inclusion in our list of Editors' Picks for the fall. What makes it so special? Read on.

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Khloe Kardashian Getting Married on Sunday

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom

Khloe Kardashian and Los Angeles Laker Lamar Odom are getting married on Sunday, has confirmed.

The couple has only been dating a month, and reports of their engagement just started surfacing Friday. They're registered at Williams-Sonoma and Gearys Beverly Hills for everything from ... read more

Kevin Nealon: Weeds' Carradine Echo Oddly Prophetic


If anyone had planned it, it would have felt too soon.

On Monday's season premiere of Weeds, Doug Wilson (Kevin Nealon) sports noticeable ligature marks around his neck. When Andy (Justin Kirk) asks him what happened, Doug replies with signature nonchalance, "[Masturbated] with a noose," a scene we saw in vivid detail in the Season 4 finale. The premiere aired, of course, just days after reports and speculation that actor David Carradine might have died under similar circumstances. (The death remains under investigation; Carradine's manager has said he suspects "foul play.")

For Nealon, the show's apparent ability to echo current events is nothing new. "You know, it's really interesting how Weeds is prophetic in a way; it's kind of eerie," he says. He points to prescient storylines about the California wildfires and the Mexican drug wars. "We did a story about [the show's fictional suburb] Agrestic burning down, and we shoot in Valencia [Calif.], and then Valencia sort of burnt down shortly thereafter," he says.

Nealon says the latest scene was shot last year. "It was too late to have any second thoughts about it." He says the edgy scene is par for the course on a show like Weeds. "I'm never surprised by what the writers come up with," he says. "You have to be willing to pretty much do anything on that show."

Has he ever refused them? "No, not yet," he says.

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Melrose Place Didn't Ask for Your Input, Andrew Shue

Andrew Shue

Dear Andrew Shue:

According to the New York Daily News, you don't think the CW's Melrose Place remake is a good idea. You're probably right!

That said, since I've already decided it's the most important piece of television ever, I'm feeling kind of protective of it. So back off!

You've kept busy in your post-Melrose years doing some nice work for kids and moms. Stick to that. No more of this: "Melrose Place was a great show in its time, and if I were calling the shots, I would say don't bring it back," Shue said. "Leave it as it was at its time. That's the way it should be." Yes, Billy Campbell, we wouldn't want to tarnish the memory of your tour de force acting in scenes like this one. Shakespeare in the Park it was not.

Shut yer pie hole.


Mickey O'Connor

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