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United States of Tara: "Sometimes Real Life Isn't PG"

United States of Tara

Showtime's United States of Tara tackles fresh territory with its portrayal of a woman with dissociative identity disorder (DID, played by Toni Collette) through the prism of a suburban family. spoke with co-writer Alexa Junge (Friends, West Wing) and Brie Larson (who plays Tara's daughter, Kate) on how the show balances quirky moments and the delicate subject material, what it was like working with the show's creator and co-writer, Diablo Cody, and why real life isn't PG.

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Lost? Catch Up with Our Season 5 Refresher


We're at the midpoint of Lost's fifth and penultimate season, and with no new episode this week, it's time to take a cleansing breath and see how far we've come. Let's examine the major plot points and revelations of each episode. Then, check out our burning questions about the first half of the season, and give us your two cents in the comments section.

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Tate Donovan: "Tough Decisions" Ahead for Damages' Tom

Tate Donovan

Tate Donovan always plays the nice guy. Remember The O.C.'s Jimmy Cooper? Friends' Joshua? His character on Damages (Wednesdays at 10 pm/ET, FX) might have gotten his hands dirty a time or two, but he's a regular saint compared to his colleagues. But is that about to change? We chatted with Donovan to get his take on swimming with the sharks, and to see how close his character comes to the dark side before the season wraps.

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The Mentalist's Amanda Righetti Preps for Love Triangle

Amanda Righetti

You might remember Amanda Righetti as Hailey on The O.C. or as Jenna on Fox's promising but ultimately short-lived Reunion. Now, on CBS' The Mentalist, Righetti has settled into the still-evolving role of Grace Van Pelt, a rookie investigator whose strong morals and relative inexperience are a conflicting combination. "It's always going to be two steps forward and two steps back for Grace," she says. asked her what's up with her character's on-again, off-again flirtation with Rigsby (hint: it's off again), why she ends up hand in hand with Jane (!) and how she practiced her scream for that new Friday the 13th remake.

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Seeker Star Previews Legendary Adventures to Come

Craig Horner with Bridget Regan, Legend of the Seeker

Fans of Legend of the Seeker have two big reasons to raise their swords and hurrah. One, the syndicated action-adventure series (based on the Sword of Truth novels by Terry Goodkind) has been picked up for a second season. But also, a Legend-ary faceoff soon will come to fruition.

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MTV Renews The City, Daddy's Girls; Launches Teen Cribs

Whitney Port, The City

MTV has renewed freshman reality spin-offs The City and Daddy's Girls for second seasons, sure to be replete with more drama, fashion and fabulousness.

Since the series' launches this winter, their respective leading ladies have spearheaded careers in fashion and acting, encountered new "friends" and a plethora of cute boys. Since Whitney Port left LC, Audrina and the crew back in The Hills, she's stepped up as part of super-designer Diane von Furstenberg's company, kicked it with scruffy, seductive Aussie musician Jay and learned that you can't trust everyone you meet on the streets of New York.

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Can Tom Cavanagh Sell You on TNT's Trust Me?

Tom Cavanagh, Trust Me

Are you buying what Tom Cavanagh and Eric McCormack are selling this Monday at 10 pm/ET? In the new TNT dramedy Trust Me, TV's former Ed Stevens and Will Truman play Connor and Mason, creative partners at a (modern day, ahem) ad agency. As the series kicks off, the buds' professional and personal bonds are tested by the departure of a cold body and the arrival of a hot blonde. Can TV's newest ad men draw eyeballs? Cavanagh gave us a sneak peek. I think you and I last talked during your Love Monkey days.
Tom Cavanagh:
That show [about an indie music label] was a massive success. [Laughs] But thank you for your support! Better to have a show go off the air and have a few people saying, "Darn it," than...
Yeah, we got that a lot. We shot it in New York, and ... read more

James Duff, Creator of The Closer: Back for Five-in-a-Row

Jon Tenney and Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer

On Monday, January 26, at 9 pm/ET, The Closer returns for the final five episodes of our fourth season, concluding our meditation on power.

How do these shows differ from what we do during the summer? They are both more personal and more experimental.

During our regular season last year, we concentrated on the story with the slow but steady deterioration of Det. Sanchez's life, the difficulty Brenda was having with following through on her commitment to get married to her long-time boyfriend, Special Agent Fritz Howard of the FBI and the sniping Gabriel and Daniels employed in the workplace as they failed to gracefully let go of their relationship. But, for the most part, these personal issues always took a back seat to the necessary business of the justice system.

Not anymore.

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90210 Starlet Teases Her Return as Nip/Tuck's "Evil Vixen"

AnnaLynne McCord

AnnaLynne McCord, who already on Tuesday nights plays 90210's naughty Naomi, is going in for another Nip/Tuck (or two) when she resurfaces on the FX drama's next fresh episode, airing Jan. 27.

"I'm reprising my evil vixen role," McCord tells, referencing her previous run as Eden, an 18-year-old hellraiser who at first merely wanted her virginity "restored," but then went on to torment Sean, corrupt little Annie and poison/shoot Julia.

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Lost Preview: Will Hurley Sink the Oceanic 6's Return Trip?

Jorge Garcia

When ABC's Lost kicks off its much-anticipated fifth season this Wednesday at 9 pm/ET (with a two-hour premiere), a body count almost immediately adds up. Who's leaving the trail of goons in their wake? Oh, it's just bad-ass Sayid and his new sidekick ... Hurley?! Jorge Garcia gave us a typically cryptic look at the new adventures of the Oceanic 6. Plus: Who from the island does the big guy miss most? As an actor, how has the Season 5 storyline been different for you?
Jorge Garcia: The story has been different and a little weird, and I'm just "following along in my book," so to say. But there is a confidence having done Hurley for now five seasons. There's a lot more instinct in the sense that I kind of know how Hurley goes now, how he would react to new situations. Are you finding him to be a more active character this season?
Garcia: There's definitely some stuff that picks up. And there are certain things ... read more

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