Vampire Diaries Bite

The Vampire Diaries Bite: Bonnie's Been Slapped Into Reality

Kat Graham

It ain't easy being Bonnie Bennett.

The Vampire Diaries' resident witch has gone through a lot in her life, which culminated in her death in the Season 4 finale. But while she seemed rather content with being on the other side, the death of her father and the realization that she's pretty much powerless has slapped Bonnie back to reality. So where does she go from here? And how long before the secret of her death is too much to handle? Kat Graham shares some teases for what's to come.

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The Vampire Diaries' Julie Plec: The Triangle Is Right Back to Where It Started

Nina Dobrev

"Get the girl," Alaric told Damon at the end of last week's Vampire Diaries. But will he?

By the end of that episode, Elena (Nina Dobrev) had her emotions back, but was mainly consumed with defeating Katherine, and reuniting and ultimately saying goodbye to her brother Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen). Echoing the Season 3 finale with the big question of who — if anyone —will Elena choose, the Season 4 ender will leave viewers with a clear notion, again, of where she stands.

The Vampire Diaries: Is Elena really herself again?

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The Vampire Diaries Bite: Who's Returning from the Dead? Candice Accola Spills

Nina Dobrev, Candice Accola, Paul Wesley

"Greetings from the dead," Kol says in Thursday's episode of The Vampire Diaries.

Yup, get ready to see a few of your favorite — and not-so favorite — fallen victims return in the season's penultimate episode.

"We're going to learn more behind the mythology of lifting the veil and why specific characters ... have returned and why some have not," Candice Accola tells us in this week's Vampire Diaries Bite. "So it's not that every character that's ever been killed off the show is just going to magically appear in one wide shot, but there will be a lot of familiar faces and a story behind each one."

The Vampire Diaries Finale First Look: Has Elena turned her emotions back on?

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Vampire Diaries' Candice Accola: The Final Episodes Will Leave "Klaroline" Fans Satisfied

Joseph Morgan, Candice Accola

For Vampire Diaries fans who love Klaus and Caroline together, Candice Accola says you'll be very satisfied by the season's remaining episodes.

"Obviously Klaus [Joseph Morgan] has his hands full in New Orleans ... but there are going to be some great moments in the final three episodes that will leave the fans satisfied, but still wanting more from the two of them," Accola tells us in the video below. "Klaroline fans ... will be intrigued by this week's episode — they're going to have some moments."

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Vampire Diaries' Morgan: "The Originals" Will Explore a Vulnerability in Klaus' Personal Life

Joseph Morgan

The Vampire Diaries' upcoming episode (and backdoor pilot) "The Originals" is bringing a whole new flavor to the series, says star Joseph Morgan.

"Tonally, it's a little different," Morgan tells "The Vampire Diaries is a coming-of-age story and "The Originals," like Julie [Plec] has said, is more like The Lost Boys, embracing the nature of being a vampire where you party all night and sleep all day. It's really about these guys who want to be vampires as opposed to the guilt and remorse the weight of that which comes with The Vampire Diaries."

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The Vampire Diaries Bite: Will Prom Bring Caroline and Klaus Closer Together?

Candice Accola

Leave it to The Vampire Diaries to feature a prom filled with betrayal, vampire bites and beyond-glamorous gowns.

When the show returns for its final five episodes of the season, the Mystic Falls gang is heading to what should be one of the most momentous occasions of the year. Between emotionless Elena (Nina Dobrev), Silas looming and dark-magic Bonnie (Kat Graham), it might be an unforgettable event, just not in the way they had hoped.  For Caroline (Candice Accola) especially, prom just isn't the same without her boyfriend Tyler (Michael Trevino) by her side, but don't expect his absence to leave room for a Caroline-Klaus pairing at the dance.

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The Vampire Diaries Bite: What Happens When Elena and Katherine Face Off?

Nina Dobrev

What happens when a pair of doppelgangers with a tempestuous past comes face-to-face? Things get heated.

Elena is in search of Katherine on this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries and with the help of her new sidekick Rebekah, it won't be long before she finds her.

Returning spring shows: Where we left off

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The Vampire Diaries Bite: Did Damon and Lexi Hook Up in the '70s?

Arielle Kebbel, Ian Somerhalder

Did Damon and Lexi have a tryst in the past?

On this week's Vampire Diaries, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) takes Elena (Nina Dobrev) to the city that never sleeps where, not surprisingly, Damon got a lot of action. But was one of his conquests Stefan's best friend Lexi (Arielle Kebbel)?

The Vampire Diaries Bite: What does Damon think of the new Elena?

"Considering that Damon was a major whore in the '70s, there's a possibility of any woman Damon is around, he's going to try to seduce," Somerhalder tells

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The Vampire Diaries Bite: What Does Damon Think of the New Elena?

Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder

What does The Vampire Diaries' Damon Salvatore think of the new, emotionless Elena? He's a bit conflicted.

"I really want her to be my hot sexy vampire girlfriend, but I really don't want her killing everybody," Ian Somerhalder says in this week's Vampire Diaries Bite.

The Vampire Diaries Exclusive Clip: Damon confronts Klaus

After a two-week hiatus, the CW show returns  on Thurs (8/7c) and from the looks of it, Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) — whose emotions were shut off by Damon when she was overly distraught by her brother's death -- is going to be one reckless and carefree woman.

9 life lessons learned from The Vampire Diaries' Caroline Forbes

"She's going to be kicking the boys' asses a lot, I mean I literally get my ass kicked by Elena every episode now," Somerhalder says. "But it's super cool to see this super empowered woman where the boys aren't scared she's going to walk out the door and get killed because she's a badass chick who can hold her own."

But how might Damon end up pushing Elena back into the arms of his brother, Stefan (Paul Wesley)? And what does Somerhalder say about filming the prom episode?

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The Vampire Diaries' Joseph Morgan on the Fallout of Forcing Tyler Out and Katherine's Return

Joseph Morgan

Is all hope for a Klaus-and-Caroline friendship officially gone?

In one of the most heartbreaking Vampire Diaries scenes, Caroline (Candice Accola) and Tyler (Michael Trevino) were forced to say goodbye — yet again — so that Tyler could leave town before Klaus (Joseph Morgan) could kill him. While it seems this act would be one of many final straws, Morgan says the dynamic between the two is much more complicated than that.

The Vampire Diaries: Who died, who left town and who returned?

"There's always got to be a hint of hope [for them], hasn't there?" Morgan tells in the video below. read more

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