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Poll: Are You Excited About 3-D TV?

The Creature from the Black Lagoon

ESPN and Discovery Channel announced plans this week to start 3-D networks, creating even more viewing opportunities for viewers just now adjusting to digital TV.

 ESPN 3D will debut on June 11 with the 2010 FIFA World Cup match, while Discovery is teaming up with Sony and IMAX for first round-the-clock 3-D channel in 2011.

As always, there's a catch: Viewers will need 3-D-capable TV sets and possibly new set-top boxes, plus those fun glasses. And no one's saying whether viewers will have to pay more... read more

What Were The Biggest Turkeys of 2009 and the Decade?

Jon Gosselin, Kate Gosselin

Amidst your tryptophan-induced haze over the holiday weekend, you'll likely ponder all the things you're thankful for. But what would you have been grateful NOT to see on television?

read more

What Are Your Top TV Moments of the Decade?


May you live in interesting times, goes the old saying — and we do. As the decade comes to an end, we'd like your help in choosing the biggest, best, wildest and weirdest moments of the last decade. Tell us in the comments below: What were your Top TV Moments from 2000 to 2009? read more

What Is Your Favorite Show of the Year?


As we head into the final days of the year, we've begun reflecting on the past year of television with one question in mind: Which show was your favorite in 2009?

Were you happily bewildered by Lost's time-tripping fifth season? Did comedies such as How I Met Your Mother and The Office make you laugh harder than ever? Did new series like NCIS: Los Angeles and The Vampire Diaries earn a spot in your weekly TV lineup? Did cable dramas like Sons of Anarchy and Dexter keep you riveted?

As you think back on these and many other worthy shows (Battlestar Galactica already seems so far away), we want to know: What is your favorite TV show of 2009?

Share your picks (and tell us why you love your top show) in the comments after the jump read more

Who Are TV's Sexiest Crime Fighters and Criminals?

David Boreanaz and Mariska Hargitay

Cops and crooks may be on different sides of the law, but on TV, both groups are generally good-looking.

Need proof? How about upstanding law enforcers such as Bones' Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) and Law & Order: SVU's Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and crooked con men such as Lost's Sawyer (Josh Holloway)?

There're far too many to list here, so that's where you come in. We want to know: Who are TV's sexiest crime fighters and criminals?

Share your picks and the reasons after the jump. read more

What Are Your Favorite TV Theme Songs?

The Simpsons

Aside from great comedy and drama, one of the best things TV has given us over the years are awesomely catchy theme songs.

AOL TV has compiled a list of their favorite show-opening tunes and pitted them against each other in a tournament-style poll. Click here to vote for your favorite.

In the meantime, we want to know: What are your favorite TV theme songs?

Are you partial to the pop-rock intricacies of The Brady Bunch or The Greatest American Hero or do you prefer the simpler melodies of The Simpsons and M*A*S*H?

Share your picks after the jump. read more

15 TV Duos Who Should Do It


After we picked the TV hookups that were more queasy than steamy, we turned it over to you to tell us which couples you wanted to see between the sheets. Here we present your top 15 love connections. Check out the choices below (or in photo gallery form here) and then vote for your favorite after the jump. read more

Which TV Couples Do You Want to See Hook Up?

Grey's Anatomy

Which TV Couples Do You Want to See Hook Up? Loyal TV viewers, we are on your side. Like you, we love it when our favorite characters make the sexytime, but we also know that not every romp in the sack is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser. As the new TV season gets underway, we hope you'll join us in urging TV producers not to repeat the sex-scene mistakes of the past. We've compiled a guide to some of the least sexy sex scenes from the recent past — the scenes that put the sex in unsexy. (Check out our photo gallery for physical evidence.)

After you consider our cautionary list, we want to know: Which TV couples would you like to see do the dirty? Sound off after the jump. read more

Emmys: What Do You Think of the Show?

The 61st Annual Emmy Awards

Tonight's the night, folks! Emmys host Neil Patrick Harris — who's also a nominee for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy — has promised many surprises for the 61st annual awards, including performances from the Emmy-winning Internet experiment Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Dancing with the Stars' Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Karina Smirnoff and Sarah MacLachlan. (Look for "I Will Remember You" during the In Memoriam segment.) John "I'm a PC!" Hodgman is rumored to be the official announcer. It all sounds very exciting — we can't wait!

What are you most looking forward to? And what are your favorite moments so far? Post your comments here throughout the telecast.

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How Much TV Do You Watch Each Week?

Hugh Laurie and Eva Longoria

Just how much TV do people watch? Nearly half of users watch more than 16 hours of television a week, according to our TV Team research panel.

Fall TV: Scoop on all the new and returning shows

Eighty-seven percent of respondents said they watch nine or more shows regularly, while more than half of those surveyed add four or more new shows to their must-watch list each fall.

So, we want to know: How many hours do you spend watching TV? Which shows contribute to your habit the most? And what new shows do you think will earn a spot in your weekly lineup?

Trust us, no one's judging. Let the group therapy begin after the jump. read more

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