TV Guide Network to Air Dirty Dancing Marathon on Christmas

TV Guide Network will air a 12-hour marathon of Dirty Dancing on Christmas Day.

The marathon kicks off at ...
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TV Guide Network's Celebrity Look-A-Like Winner Gets Katy Perry Makeover

Katy Perry, Olivia Gaines

You helped Olivia Gaines win TV Guide Network's "I'm a Celebrity Look-A-Like Contest," and now you can watch her transformation into pop star Katy Perry's doppelgänger.

Gaines' Perry makeover will air on the network's hit series, Look-A-Like, next week.

The Hartford, Conn., resident beat out more than ...
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TV Guide Network Acquires Basic-Cable Rights to Curb Your Enthusiasm

Curb Your Enthusiasm

TV Guide Network and TV Land announced that they will jointly acquire basic-cable rights to Curb Your Enthusiasm, the award-winning HBO comedy series produced by and starring Seinfeld co-creator Larry David.

The show will air on TV Guide Network for a multi-year run starting in... read more

Jamie-Lynn Sigler on Her Hair-Raising Ugly Betty Guest Gig: "I'm Cool with Whatever"

Ugly Betty - Jamie-Lynn Sigler

You probably didn't recognize Jamie-Lynn Sigler at first on Ugly Betty. As Natalie, an eccentric woman whose boyfriend recently overdosed, she wears a spiky black wig, purple lipstick, tattoos and outfits that might charitably be called "layered." Natalie meets Daniel Meade (Eric Mabius), who is mourning the death of his wife, Molly, in a bereavement group and eventually ends up working at Mode magazine. Sigler tells what she thinks of Natalie's look, with whom she'll share screen time, and exactly what the Community of the Phoenix is.

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Michael Urie: Every Day on Ugly Betty Is Like Halloween

Michael Urie

Michael Urie loves Marc St. James, the dressed-to-kill mean guy he plays on Ugly Betty. This season, though, Urie says that Marc's evil ways are somewhat justified. In the Season 3 finale, Marc lost a coveted editor's position to Betty, and while he still worships Wilhelmina, he's no longer enthralled with being her assistant. spoke with Urie about how Marc copes with his disappointments, when he'll figure out Willy's dark secret and who plays his hookup in the Bahamas episode. (Hint: It's not Shakira.)

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Ugly Betty Creator: She's No Longer "Homely Betty"

America Ferrera

As Ugly Betty's fourth season premieres, series creator Silvio Horta says it's time for Betty to focus on her career. She's an editor now and wants more than ever to be taken seriously. Horta tells us about making Betty pretty, whether she'll get her happy ending with Daniel and who will be involved in a much-talked-about love triangle.

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Ugly Betty's Eric Mabius Reveals His Thoughts on a Daniel-Betty Relationship

Eric Mabius

The Season 3 finale of Ugly Betty wasn't kind to Daniel Meade: His new bride, Molly, died of cancer. Eric Mabius, who plays the grieving editor-in-chief of Mode, explains how Daniel is coping with his loss, how he ends up involved in a cult and whether he thinks Daniel and Betty will ultimately be together.

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Ugly Betty: Vanessa Williams on Wilhelmina's Latest Scheme

Vanessa Williams

It isn't easy playing Ugly Betty's scheming, nasty Wilhelmina Slater — especially at the beginning of Season 4, when she's lost her man, her baby and her job. But Vanessa Williams is glad that Willy doesn't always get her way, as it helps explain why she's so guarded. Williams tells us how Willy will deal with her setbacks, why the arrival of her daughter, Nico (America's Next Top Model's Yaya DaCosta), will distract her and what Willy and Betty have in common.

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Ugly Betty's Becki Newton: "Amanda Goes All Ways"

Becki Newton

Now that Amanda (Becki Newton) knows who her mom is — the late Mode editor and fashion legend Fey Sommers — what's her next quest? A chance meeting with eerily familiar temp Helen (guest star Kristen Johnston) gives her a glimpse at her not-so-rosy future, which sends her on a very surprising path. As Ugly Betty returns for its fourth season, Newton tells us how Amanda will grow this season, what she really thinks of Betty and with whom she'll be making out.

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Ugly Betty's Justin Struggles With Being "Different" at School

Mark Indelicato

Betty Suarez isn't the only one facing big changes this season on Ugly Betty. Her nephew, Justin, is starting high school, and it's not going to be easy. caught up with Mark Indelicato, who told us why things get tricky for Justin, how his mom is faring with his struggles and who he turns to for help.

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