TV Guide Network to Premiere Michael Jackson Documentary Gone Too Soon

Michael Jackson

TV Guide Network will premiere a new Michael Jackson documentary, Gone Too Soon, on June 25 to mark the one-year anniversary of his death.

The two-hour special, which will air on the same day in more than 50 countries, comes from author and filmmaker Ian Halperin, who penned the 2009 New York Times best-selling book Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson. Culled from more than 300 hours of footage ...
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The Moralist and the Entertainer

Randy Cohen feels unbelievably lucky to have become one of the go-to guys the media calls in to interpret some of life's stickier situations for the morally confused public. Every Sunday for the last decade he's been enlightening readers on the unwritten rules of society — if it's okay to bring your own food into the movies or illegally download a book you've already purchased — in a column in The York Times Magazine called "The Ethicist." Though often funny, his Q and A's are basically inverted, print versions of Larry David's freewheeling TV show about how to get through the day without someone punching you in the face. And so, naturally, Cohen was at the top of the list of people invited in to debate and kibbitz about the show's moral universe for the short but sweet Curb: The Discussion panels that follow Curb Your Enthusiasm's second life in syndication.

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Curb: The Discussion Asks: Are Male Parts Offensive?

If the body is a temple, than some temples are out of shape and hairy. Do women secretly find the male body offensive?

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Episode Recap: "Porno Gil"

Susie Essman

In Episode 3 entitled "Porno Gil," Hell hath no fury like a loose golf ball scorned; Larry learns a new use for hot sauce and he takes a 'porn bullet' for a friend. 

The episode starts off like a neurotic Western:
The sun blazes high in the sky over Larry at the driving range. A man in a brimmed hat walks up with a bucket of balls to a neighboring tee. One falls off and rolls near Larry. Larry eyes him up and down, lingering at the man's straw hat and specifically the bolo string that keeps it roped to his chin, and goes back to hitting balls.

Later, Larry ... read more

Not So Basic Cable

One of the happiest results of the marriage of Curb Your Enthusiasm and basic cable, apart from being able to watch with small children and clergy around, is the added bonus of a quick and entertaining post show wrap up. A funny, warm and decidedly un-Susie Greene-like Susie Essman leads a lively discussion about whatever trouble Larry got into this week with a mix and match panel of famous people. ... read more

Curb Your Enthusiasm Rakes in the Enthusiasm

When a basic cable channel airs a series like Curb Your Enthusiasm — a series initially intended for mature audiences and celebrated for its boundary-pushing storylines — the channel can expect ... passionate ... feedback. As the host of Curb Your Enthusiasm's basic-cable debut, TV Guide Network not only wanted to re-run the series, it wanted to enhance the experience, and so far, the feedback's been great... read more

Episode Recap: "Ted and Mary"

Season 1, Episode 2 - "Ted & Mary" - Larry David and Jeff Garlin

In this episode of Curb, entitled "Ted and Mary," we get to meet Larry and Cheryl's couple-friends Ted (hey, he was on Cheers!) and Mary (hey, she was in Back to the Future Part 3!), watch Larry fumble through a crush and enjoy the saga of shoes, shopping and Simon.

Cheryl and Larry are unwinding bowling with their friends (and real-life husband and wife) Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen. Larry winds up and throws a strike thrilling, and impressing all. Ted hands Larry his winnings, Cheryl applauds and there are smiles aplenty. They're having such a good time that Ted invites them both to see Paul Simon with them in their luxury box seats that weekend.

Larry goes up to the counter to turn in his bowling shoes and is handed a pair of sneakers:  not his. After looking around, the guy running the counter admits he must have given up Larry's shoes to another guy by mistake. They all can't believe the guy took them (What kind of guy would take someone else's shoes?!) so Larry leaves, not only his phone number, but the building... in his stocking feet.
Ted: "Does this happen to you a lot?"
Larry:  "Yeah it does."
Ted, let me let you in on a secret:  if it didn't we wouldn't have a show. 

Back at their house that night ... read more

Curb: The Discussion Asks: Why do men have trouble asking for directions?

Ever been in a car with a male driver who is lost? What's up with most men's reluctance to ask for directions?

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Curb: The Discussion Asks: Can Men and Women Ever Be "Just Friends?"

In the second episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, "Ted and Mary," a smitten Larry goes shopping with Mary in an effort to be her friend.  Curb: The Discussion host Susie Essman and panelists Randy Cohen, Patti Stanger, Dr. Todd Boyd and Rob Zombie comment.

Watch the video, then sound off in our poll below.

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Episode Recap: "The Pants Tent"

Season 1, Episode 1 - "The Pants Tents" - Larry David

What do a 5 inch bunch-up of fabric, lies, deceit, improper speakerphone etiquette and more than a few references to Nazi Germany have in common? Nothing. And everything. Welcome to Larry David's post-Seinfeld exercise in neuroses Curb Your Enthusiasm. Episode 1: "The Pants Tent."

Larry David. Co-creator of Seinfeld one of the most popular shows in the history of American television. After a two year retirement he decides to return to the format that made him rich and famous. What do you suppose the first image of his new HBO program is --the very FIRST thing you see? It's Larry David... squeezing the fabric in his groin.

It starts off innocently enough... well, at least after the groin thing. Larry's distressed about his pants that seem to have a "5 inch fabric bunch-up" every time he sits. He calls his wife Cheryl over and demonstrates the inflated fabric by pushing down on it a number of times. The subject changes and Larry brings up going to see ... read more

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