Curb: The Discussion Asks: Is Joking About Affirmative Action Racist or Not?

Panelists: Susie Essman, DL Hughley, Mika Brzezinski, Michael Beckwith, Joe Scarborough

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Best Curb Quotes: "AAMCO"

When did this show originally air?

- November 26, 2000.

Top 5 Quotes from this episode:

5. "Personal reasons? You can get away with anything with that..."

- Cheryl scheduled a dinner party but the caterer cancelled citing "personal reasons." Larry responds with ... read more

TV Guide Network Heads Into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The Wizarding World of Harry Potterat Universal Orlando

JK Rowling is done telling stories about Harry Potter and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy, but Pottermania is far from over. Join TV Guide Network's Hollywood 411 as it attends the grand opening of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort.

Audiences will get an early look at rides and see such locations as ... read more

Best Curb Quotes: "Beloved Aunt"

When did this episode originally air?

  • - December 3, 2000

Quick synopsis:

Cheryl's Aunt Louise passes away. Cheryl's family comes to stay with the Davids. Larry tries to help by paying for the hotel room of Cheryl's sister and her boyfriend. Larry volunteers to handle the obituary as well. Both go horribly, horribly wrong. With Larry David, no good deed goes unpunished.

Top 5 Quotes from this Episode:... read more

Curb the Discussion Asks: Does Sitting at the Head of the Table Come with Responsibility?

Panelists: Susie Essman, DL Hughley, Stephen Macht, Adam Carolla, Tonya Pinkins

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Episode Recap: "Interior Decorator"

Curb Your Enthusiasm

If Curb's Episode 5 "Interior Decorator" had to be summed up in 5 words it'd be "Larry is a cheap bastard." In this episode we learn that a fool and his money are soon parted, that you can have star power without showing the star and that power couples are the gatekeepers.  What am I talking about?  Read on and all will be clear... read more

Curb: The Discussion Asks: Is There a Nightly "Cut Off" Time to Call a Friend

I have friends, you have friends, congratulations. But what good are they if you can't access them like an ATM?

Panelists: Susie Essman, Seth Green, Randy Cohen, Peter Mehlman, David Steinberg

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Curb's Richard Lewis Hosts Live Video Chat

Richard Lewis

Got a question for Richard Lewis?

The actor and comedian, who plays himself on Curb Your Enthusiasm, will host a live video chat on Ustream and take questions to communicate personally with fans about ... read more

Episode Recap: "The Bracelet"

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Larry's lessons learned this episode:  how to win back his wife's affection with flowers and shiny baubles; how not to appear homeless; why you should always tip your captain; and what's the 'duty to help' obligation for the blind. It's all in Curb's "The Bracelet." 

Larry, channeling his inner teenager, is watching football while talking on the phone. Cheryl walks in the door, just getting home from visiting her mom in Tallahassee. Larry jumps up to greet her and she can't help but notice ... read more

Curb: The Discussion Asks: Should You Strike Up Conversations with Strangers on Elevators

Sure talk is cheap. But does that mean you have to throw it away chatting with a stranger, in an elevator?

Panelists: Susie Essman, Seth Green, Rex Lee, Merrill Markoe, David Steinberg

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