Take the Curb: The Discussion Poll: Is Sneaking Snacks into the Movie Theatre Acceptable?

Susie Essman, Victoria Stilwell, Larry Miller, Jerry Seinfeld, Taraji P. Henson

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Episode Recap: "The Thong"

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Curb's 15th episode is all about choices and their consequences:  Therapy or quit? Eat first or wait? Sensible Swimwear or "The Thong?" The title is our choice, and we're off to see the consequences...

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TV Guide Network Debuts Sex on TV

I Dream of Jeannie, Eva Longoria

TV Guide Network is taking a look at the history of sex on the small screen in its two-part special Sex on TV.

Gidget and I Dream of Jeannie pushed the envelope by showing off their stars in risqué-for-the-time bikinis; these days, shows like Desperate Housewives and Dancing with the Stars flaunt their stars nearly nude. The special will feature clips and commentary that discuss such monumental TV moments as the first same-sex kiss and the first bare bottom.

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Larry David's Perfect Worlds

Larry David knows from annoying physical pain. Just as his character tries to cure a bad back in The Acupuncturist -- he bets one $5000 he can't fix his — David has suffered from chronic neck and back issues. As Peter Mehlman, a recent panelist on Curb: The Discussion, described his years writing on Seinfeld: "We were aware there was a problem. He was always making a funny motion and craning his neck in a weird way." ...

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Take the Curb: The Discussion Poll: Does a Wife Have Outfit-Approval Rights Over Her Husband?

Panelists: Susie Essman, Sandra Tsing Loh, Andy Kindler, Dave Navarro, Dr. Stan Katz

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Life Imitates Art: Backstage With Larry

When writer-director-comic Sam Seder received an email saying Larry David had specifically requested him to tape a few Curb discussions he thought it might possibly be a joke. He's known Jeff Garlin for over fifteen years from comedy circles -- Garlin directs "The Thong," in which Larry wants to break up with his shrink after seeing him bend over in a thong at the beach -- but then they sent him a ticket so he got on a plane. ...

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Take the Curb: The Discussion Poll: Is Your Therapist Wearing a Thong a Deal Breaker?

Panelists: Susie Essman, Sandra Tsing Loh, Alan Zweibel, Dave Navarro, Dr. Stan Katz

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Episode Recap: "The Shrimp Incident"

Curb Your Enthusiasm

In "The Shrimp Incident" (which sounds like a Judy Blume book) Larry and Cheryl hash it out over how many places to dine in a night; Larry calls a friend a —cough- "Beloved Aunt" in public and is branded a 'wife beater' and most importantly how many shrimp ARE there in a Kung Pao shrimp container? Let's take a look at this "Shrimp Incident"...

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Episode Recap: "Trick or Treat"

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Sure this episode of Curb contains the usual Larry misunderstandings that end up in arguments:  Larry gets propositioned by a friend's wife; Larry is accused of being a self-loathing Jew; and Larry calls a man in a wheelchair a liar over a Cobb salad. But as the episode title tips off, the meat of this episode is Curb tackling the American television convention of 'The Halloween Episode.'  It's all in "Trick or Treat"... read more

Take the Curb: The Discussion Poll: Would You Be Offended if Someone Accused You of Lying?

Panelists: Susie Essman, Sandra Tsing Loh, Alan Zweibel, Carol Leifer, Dr. Stan Katz

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