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Entourage Episode Recap: "No More Drama"

Vince has a stalker and E is off to a great start at his new job while Drama fights for his.

Vince tries to convince the police and the boys that someone really did break into the house. No one believes him until they discover that both Turtle and Vince's underwear are missing.

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True Blood Episode Recap: "New World in My View"

True Blood

On Sunday's episode of True Blood, Sookie, Jason and Bill returned from Dallas to find that Maryann and her followers have wreaked havoc in Bon Temps. Sam, Andy and Jason attempted to derail the masses from their ultimate goal, while Lettie Mae, Sookie, Bill and Lafayette attempted to break through to the real Tara. In the end, Bill needed to appeal to a higher power.

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Project Runway Episode Recap: "Welcome to Los Angeles!"

After what feels like a decade of legal drama, Project Runway has finally returned to the airwaves on its new home: Lifetime. During the Season 6 premiere, 16 new designers are introduced along with familiar faces, including favorites Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum. For their first challenge, the contestants are tasked to create a dress for a red carpet. And in classic Runway fashion, several tears were shed along the way.

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Big Brother 11 Episode Recap: August 20, 2009 (Eviction 6)

It's been a tumultuous week in the Big Brother house (has it really only been a week since Jessie left?), but the show must go on and another houseguest must be evicted. But first, the houseguests battle it out in the live power of veto competition, which could change up everything. And of course, there is always some last-minute scheming. So, who joins Mr. Pec-Tacular in the jury house? Let's find out.

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Big Brother 11 Episode Recap: August 18, 2009

Big Brother 11, Jordan

After a severely disappointing Sunday outing, Big Brother wins me back over with an extra explosive episode. And it wasn't even Chima's exit that had me reeling. Though the show did finally air what happened in Chima's final moments, it was the sudden HOH competition and a drunken Lydia that turned the rest of the episode into one long shouting match. You know my weaknesses, Big Brother. So, how did it all go down? Let's find out. read more

Raising the Bar Episode Recap: "Bobbi Ba-Bing"

This week, Jerry defends a man who stabbed a fellow inmate and Richard works with a new PD, Ashley, defending a homeless man arrested for panhandling. But the overly enthusiastic Ashley finds constitutional grounds for dismissing the case and hopes to follow that up with a class action lawsuit against the city. Oh, and things finally get steamy between Bobbi and Jerry! (At last!) read more

True Blood Episode Recap: "I Will Rise Up"

Allan Hyde

On Sunday's episode of True Blood, Eric and Sookie deepen their antipathy. Hoyt introduces Jessica to his momma. Lafayette and Lettie Mae attempt to loosen Maryann's grip on Tara. Sam escapes from prison. And in the wake of the Dallas suicide bombing, Godric must make amends for his actions at the Fellowship of the Sun.

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True Blood Episode Recap: "Timebomb"

Stephen Moyer, Anna Paquin and Ryan Kwanten

On this week's True Blood, Godric intervenes in much-teased vampire-human confrontations that go down at the Fellowship of the Sun, and then, at the vampire nest in Dallas. Hoyt and Jessica continue their unique courtship. Sam is wrongly accused of killing Daphne, and Maryann cooks up a "hunter's soufflé" for Eggs and Tara. Interestingly, all but the first development were sufficiently bloody.

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Raising the Bar Episode Recap: "Trout Fishing"

This week Jerry tries to get a continuance in a trial to help give a woman the chance to help her son complete his college applications before she has to go into prison. Farnsworth won't grant the continuance, and that creates a battle of wills between him and Kessler. Meanwhile, Balco uses Michelle to seek a continuance on a trial in which Richard's client is accused of strangling his own wife to death in her sleep. After Ventimiglia grants Michelle 48 hours, Balco hands the case over to her...or so she thinks.

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Raising the Bar Episode Recap: "Trust Me"

Bobbi defends a confidential informant who demands a separate trial from his co-defendant, who could have him killed if word gets out about his cooperation with the police. Meanwhile, one of Richard's clients is hit with a damages claim for more money than she can afford. Richard uses his family name as bargaining power and continues to serve the greater good out of his own pocket.
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