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Fringe Episode Recap: "Fracture"

"Fracture" featured one of my favorite reoccurring themes of Fringe: the human body as a weapon. The engaging opening scene featured a human bomb; and I don't mean a person strapped with a bomb, but a human acting as the bomb itself.  Unfortunately, outside of a few scenes of Olivia meeting with the quirky and amusing Sam Weiss, this episode brought too little imagination to the table.

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The Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: "Family Ties"

With "Family Ties," The Vampire Diaries delivered a slower entry designed to build up its characters (new and old) before, no doubt, returning to murder, revelations and football in upcoming episodes.

To say the episode was slow is not to say it was without surprises. The last quarter of the story featured two twists on top of one another. One of these story turns I saw coming, and the other completely surprised me while leaving this episode with a great aftertaste. More on that later.

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Episode Recap: "The Great Recession"

The gang is facing tough economic times. Dennis and Mac take ownership of Paddy's. Charlie hits the streets and Frank invests in a new business with Sweet Dee.  It's "The Great Recession" of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Read this week's recap to find out how the gang deals.

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The Office Recap: "The Promotion"

On this episode of the The Office, corporate honcho David Wallace floors the staffers with news that not all will receive raises for the year. Meanwhile, Jim pushes Dwight too far, so Dwight sets out to form office alliances. And Pam focuses on her wedding-gift wish list.

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Community Episode Recap: "Introduction to Film"

In this episode of Community, Britta attempts to help Abed realize his dream of becoming a film student, against his father's approval. Meanwhile, Jeff attempts an easy A with his new professor (John Michael Higgins of Couples Retreat and every Christopher Guest movie) of "Seize the Day" class and finds achieving a good grade in this class may actually require some real hard work. read more

Supernatural Episode Recap: "The End"

Last season, Dean took a time trip to the past to catch the beginning of the Winchester story. Now he's making a jump to the future just in time to be there for the end. It involves two Deans, a demonic virus, a very (very) human Cas and most significantly Sam as Lucifer. But will the brothers finally reunite? At the beginning of "The End" things don't look that way.

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FlashForward Episode Recap: "White to Play"

On Thursday's FlashForward, Olivia meets the man from her vision, Demetri and Mark meet D. Gibbons — two of them, actually — the Homeland Security Department gets involved in the investigation, Janice connects some dots and discovers new information about Suspect Zero and Charlie reveals something frightening about her vision.

Hey folks, I owe you an apology. I had a TiVo glitch on Thursday, so I wasn't able to recap this week's episode in a timely manner. I offer this abbreviated recap to catch you up. I thought "White to Play" was a nice follow-up to FlashForward's explosive pilot episode, in that it's now possible to see how the series will be structured from week to week. So far, it's mostly encouraging — with one exception: Anyone else think the use of flashbacks to remind the audience of past events was a little heavy-handed? There's only been one episode! I'm guessing they just want to make sure they keep everyone's attention in these crucial early weeks, so for now I'll let it slide. Come April, I'm sure I'll be begging for more plot reminders. Let's get to it, shall we?

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America's Next Top Model Episode Recap: "Take My Photo, Tyra!"

Lulu got the boot last week, so which mini-model will follow in her footsteps? 

After some chit-chat, the girls get a Tyra mail that says, "Sometimes you only have a minute to make a second impression." This not so cryptic message ends up being a one-on-one make-up lesson from renowned make-up artist, Sam Fine. He teaches them the importance of being able to do their own make-up for casting calls, and also how to do a great job quickly for last minute auditions.

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The Hills Episode Recap: "It's On Bitch"

Kristin Cavallari, Justin Bobby

Season 5 of The Hills returned with a bang... or shall I say bitch? Spencer and Heidi's "welcome home" party (that they threw for themselves) served as the introduction to the second half of the season and the new members joining the cast. So what drama went down with K-Cav and the crew? Read on for the recap.

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The Biggest Loser Episode Recap: Week 3

Tracey Yukich

After the victory of losing 155 pounds and having no elimination, the players soon find out that the celebration won't be lasting too long as Alison announces it's "would you rather" week. They'll have plenty of decisions to make that could change the entire competition, beginning with the first choice of trading in the trainers for a two-pound advantage. Seems like a huge thing to give up in order for two measly pounds at weigh-in, but clearly Tracy from the Purple Team doesn't think so. While the other players were waiting for Ali to raise the stakes with a higher offering, Tracy jumped at the chance to have an advantage her competitors wouldn't. And her teammate Coach Mo is not so thrilled with her decision.

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