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Sofia Vergara Emmy Surprise

Rico Rodriguez, Sofia Vergara, Ed O'Neill

Though the actors who announce the Emmy nominations are often awarded with one of their own, Modern Family's Sofia Vergara had no inkling that a nomination for best supporting actress in a comedy series was coming her way. "I'm so new to acting and America, so I didn't know it meant something when they invite you here," she tells TV Guide Magazine. "Somebody should have told me!"

There was, however, one nod she was expecting. "I was completely sure... read more

Lea Michele Celebrates Emmy Nomination

Glee - Lea Michele

This year's Emmy Awards will air on August 29—which will be Glee nominee Lea Michele's 24th birthday. "I'm so excited that everyone's decided to throw this party for my birthday," she jokes to TV Guide Magazine. "I think everyone felt really bad that my birthday was only at a sushi restaurant last year, so the Emmy committee decided to help me out this year."

Summering at her New York apartment, Michele was worried about her downstairs neighbors complaining... read more

Cheers & Jeers: LeBron Shoots an Airball on ESPN

LeBron James

Jeers to ESPN for turning LeBron James' The Decision into a sideshow.

The sports network basically turned over the keys to the NBA free agent, allowing him to choose who would interview him (the aptly named Jim Gray) and who would sponsor (the University of Phoenix—huh?) his primetime special announcing where he'll play next season. And as much as the anchors... read more

Critic's Notebook: Emmy Nominations

Mad Men, Christina Hendricks, Elisabeth Moss

It's hard to recall the last time a list of Emmy nominations prompted such an outpouring of glee.

But with so many new shows and fresh faces in the various categories, along with amending at least one long-time snub (the lead Friday Night Lights actors!) while delivering a giddy slap in the face to the establishment—take that, NBC; we're nominating Conan's short-lived Tonight Show over Jay's—there's much more reason to celebrate this year than to gripe. Click here for the full list of nominations.

Let's break it down by genre.

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My main worry was that Lost and its controversial but spectacular final season would get lost in the clutter. Amazingly, that's didn't happen, and a show... read more

Connie Britton Talks Emmys, Friday Night Lights Final Season

Friday Night Lights, Connie Britton

Just two episodes away from shooting Friday Night Light's fifth and final season finale, best actress in a drama nominee Connie Britton is thrilled to be feeling Emmy love for the first time. "Can you believe it?" Britton, who received a morning call from her cousin, tells TV Guide Magazine. "I'm totally in shock. It's so crazy and wonderful that both [TV husband] Kyle [Chandler] and I got acknowledged, but... read more

Sharon Gless Reacts to Tenth Emmy Nomination

Sharon Gless, Burn Notice

Veteran television actress Sharon Gless is no stranger to awards and accolades, but she was overjoyed when she called TV Guide Magazine from her Toronto apartment to share her reaction to her tenth Emmy nomination, for outstanding supporting actress for Burn Notice.

"It's been a long time, I'm just so thrilled," Gless says. "I know it sounds silly at [age] 67 to keep grinning and blushing and jumping up and down, but it's very exciting, especially for this show."

Gless' nod marks the first major nomination for USA Network's Burn Notice. "I'm happy about my first time in the supporting category, because... read more

Kyle Chandler's Cinderella Emmy Story

Friday Night Lights, Kyle Chandler

"How 'bout that?" says an overjoyed lead actor in a drama nominee Kyle Chandler, calling from Texas, where he's filming Friday Night Lights. "When I found out this morning, my daughter Katherine said, 'You got nominated!' I was trying to sleep so I didn't know what she was doing.  But when it dawned on me, the first thing I said was, 'Did Connie [Britton] get nominated?' When she said yes, that was the icing on the cake that made it all real."

Like Britton, it has been emotional for Chandler to... read more

John Slattery Mad About Emmy Nod

Mad Men, John Slattery

Nominated again for best supporting actor for Mad Men, John Slattery was already on a high, celebrating his first time directing an episode (the fourth) of Mad Men's new season, which returns July 25. "It was challenging—a bit of an out of body experience to direct myself," he tells TV Guide Magazine. "I remember Lizzy Moss [Peggy] laughing in my face and apologizing every time I... read more

Will Bryan Cranston Pull the Emmy Three-Peat?

Bryan Cranston

Will it be three best actor drama wins in a row for Breaking Bad nominee Bryan Cranston? If so, he has just the place for his third statue. "The two Emmys are in my office, far apart, holding up a hammock that I rest in," he jokes. "So a third one could go under the hammock so if I ever get too cocky it will poke me right in the butt."

This morning, "I woke up anxious... read more

Matt's Weekend Picks: July 9-11

Friday Night Lights


(Friday, 8/7c NBC) In another emotionally charged episode, Principal Tami Taylor finds herself dealing with an emotionally explosive situation when Becky comes to her for advice (at Riggins' urging) regarding her unwanted pregnancy. Family pressures also weigh upon star player Vince, whose addict mother suffers another setback... read more

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