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Cheers & Jeers: Bradley Whitford — The Good Guys' Bad Boy

The Good Guys - Bradley Whitford

Cheers to Bradley Whitford for his full-throttle comedic performance as dissolute Dallas cop Dan Stark on Fox's new action hoot The Good Guys. It's hard to imagine a character more starkly opposed to Whitford's breakthrough role as hyperverbal White House staffer Josh Lyman on The West Wing. read more

Watercooler: The Bachelorette's He-otches Attack!


Not to be sexist, but what a bunch of girls! My god, after three weeks of whining and wah-wah-ing about everything from Craig M's hair to who got a one-on-one, Ali's suitors have gone from a stable of studs to a gaggle of gossipy he-otches. Last night, the ladymen erased all signs of testosterone by ganging up on pro wrestler Justin for hobbling his broken-leg hotness all the way up to Ali's house. Without telling them! You could almost hear them clucking over coffee. "Oh my god, can you believe he did that?" read more

Watercooler: Real Housewives' Danielle Goes Wild

Real Housewives of NJ - Danielle Staub

Move over, Jersey Devil. The new Beast of the East is the Staub-Goblin, a mythical Italian-American creature indigenous to the Franklin Lakes region that's known for frequent bouts of victimization triggered by camera lights, paranoid ramblings when left with no one to cackle at, and bouts of working others' nerves when not working a pole.

Last night, we saw the Staub-Goblin (a term coined by brilliant Twitterer @theanticritic) in her natural element — about four yards away from reality — and it was a thing of unnatural beauty. Spurned on by a hate-laced Facebook page ("nothing short of the KKK in my opinion") that was started by Jacqueline's 19-year-old daughter, the sad, eyebrow-challenged she-ogre who claims ... read more

Will America's Got Talent Find the Next Susan Boyle?

America's Got Talent - Judges

As wannabe stars take the stage during Season 5 of the high-stakes talent show (9/8c, NBC), everybody's looking for the same thing: a Susan Boyle moment.

... read more

And Baby Makes Glee...

Dianna Agron, Glee

It's an episode nine months in the making as former Cheerio Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron) finally goes into labor in Glee'sclimactic season finale (airing tonight, 8:59/7:59c on Fox). And, according to Agron, fans had better watch with hankies in hand.

"Quinn's going to give the baby up for adoption, even though she's not entirely sure to whom until the very end," reveals the actress... read more

Sarah Joy Brown Goes for Daytime Emmy History

Sarah Joy Brown

Will she set a Daytime Emmy record? Sarah Joy Brown is a frontrunner in the lead actress race for her role as crazy-ass mob moll — and axe victim — Claudia Zacchara on General Hospital. She already has three Emmys as GH's original Carly, one in supporting, two as younger actress. If she wins again on June 27 (9/8c, CBS), she'll be the first to score a statue in all three performance categories. The bodacious Brown is already laying the groundwork for a 2011 nod for her current role as lovelorn Agnes Jones on The Bold and the Beautiful. Expect things to amp up June 17 when Aggie, who carries a secret torch for Nick (Jack Wagner), definitively learns what she's been suspecting for weeks — that Nick's wife Bridget (Ashley Jones) is pregnant by her loverboy Owen (Brandon Beemer). And, just one episode later, Aggie blabs the news to Nick! TV Guide Magazine spoke with Brown about the fine art of hell-raising... read more

Missing Persons

Persons Unknown

They're watching you! No, it's not paranoia — it's the premise of NBC's summer psychological thriller Persons Unknown (premiering Monday at 10/9c on NBC).

Created by screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects), the 13-episode series ...
read more

Watercooler: The MTV Movie Awards Go Effin' Wild

Mark Wahlberg

So did anyone else bleeping notice the amount of bleeping-bleep bleeping times the MTV folks didn't bleep out a presenter or winner's potty-mouth at the Movie Awards last night? It was bleeping ridiculous, especially since the cusses that slipped past the censors actually killed the humor the producers must have been going for. That harness gag between Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg would have been so much snappier if we weren't all so distracted ...
read more

Cheers & Jeers: Friday Night Lights — Here Comes "The Son"

Friday Night Lights - Zach Gilford

Cheers to Zach Gilford for scoring an emotional touchdown on Friday Night Lights. Ex-Panther quarterback Matt Saracen may have graduated from West Dillon High, but the deeply sympathetic character has thankfully stuck around the Texas town, delivering pizzas, taking care of his Alzheimer's-stricken grandma (Louanne Stephens), interning with a misanthropic artist (John Diehl) and clinging to his college-bound girlfriend (Aimee Teagarden). read more

Matt's Pick's: June 7-10

Mark Salling and Matthew Morrison

Smash His Camera
(Monday, 9/8c, HBO) Before Lady Gaga began singing about paparazzi, Ron Galella was the most infamous shooter in the trade, sued by Jackie O and punched by Brando. This award-winning documentary tells his side of the star-gazing story.

(Tuesday, 9/8c, Fox) The first season ends with New Directions competing at Regionals, though not without some Sue Sylvester mischief—and a special-delivery baby drama from Quinn-to distract the singing heroes.

read more

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