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Matt's Picks: November 8-11

Conan O'Brien

House (Monday, 8/7c, Fox)
While Thirteen's away, House's team must play nice with Cuddy, agreeing to add a female doctor to fill the void. Enter Joan of Arcadia's Amber Tamblyn as Martha Masters, a third-year med student who can hold her own against these strong personalities. Even the mercurial boss man. She gets a chance to prove herself in the case of a senator's campaign manager who collapses, mid-campaign, with liver failure and temporary paralysis.

Conan (Premieres Monday, 11/10c, TBS)
Like a red-maned phoenix rising from the ashes of last winter's peacock debacle, Conan O'Brien is finally back plying his wacky mad comedy skills in late night — with Andy Richter in tow and The Basic Cable Band (led by... read more

Matt's TV Week in Review

The Walking Dead

Let's dig into a busy sweeps week, starting with the scary before we get to the funny.

MONSTER MASH: Zombies are cool. That's the takeaway from the boffo ratings for the premiere of AMC's riveting zombie epic The Walking Dead. (Episode two this Sunday has a moment that made even this fan of the macabre want to look away.) But zombie horror is also disturbing, in this case emotionally affecting, as the survivors look on at an inexplicably wrecked world populated by the lumbering dead who can strike awfully close to home... read more

Great Migrations Make Their Move

Great Migrations

To produce Great Migrations, a seven-hour documentary about animals in transit, filmmakers spent two and a half years in the field on 83 different shoots, covering 420,000 miles in 20 countries, on all seven continents... read more

Milo Ventimiglia Speaks Out About His New Project

Milo Ventimiglia

The last time TV viewers saw Milo Ventimiglia he was honing his ever-changing superpowers on NBC's Heroes. Now, on his new project, he's trying to develop an ability he wished he could carry over into real life — the power to stay awake 24/7.

Ventimiglia — whose development deal with NBC for a show based on his comic book Rest, was recently announced — says he's excited to embark on the project read more

American Idol Judges Shed Tears During New Season

Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler

For an American Idol season supposedly without drama, there already seems to be a lot of tears shed. "I've cried," admitted new judge Jennifer Lopez at the Los Angeles auditions for Season 10 on November 4. "All of us have cried a lot this audition season," added Randy Jackson. "Me, Steven, Jennifer and Ryan."

The tears, they say, are a result of having to disappoint people... read more

Is Parenthood Getting the Axe?

Peter Krause

If NBC's Parenthood is facing the axe, it's news to executive producer Jason Katims. "It's the second time I've heard this today," he told TV Guide Magazine at the annual Autism Speaks event in Los Angeles on November 4. Katims said he had not read the E! Online article that suggested that his show might be in danger as a result of no new episodes airing in December, but was quick to kill all negative speculation... read more

Cheers & Jeers: Eliza Dushku's Not-So-Big Bang

The Big Bang Theory

Jeers to Eliza Dushku for fizzling out on The Big Bang Theory.

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Outlandishly miscast as a buttoned-down FBI agent probing Wolowitz... read more

Watercooler: Community's Mean Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Hilary Duff

What is wrong with you people who aren't watching this show? Every week, the ratings for Community are lower than a C-student's GPA, yet the comedy itself is totally A+. Just take last night's Mean Girls-inspired outing.

Not only did uber-hyped guest star Hilary Duff not suck (extra credit) as the alpha-bitch tormenting Annie, Britta and Shirley, the writers were also smart enough to throw the always awesome Abed into the gag as the ladies' RoboCop of retaliatory retorts... read more

Are Wildlife Shows Real?

Great Migrations

TV is a wildlife lover's Garden of Eden. Networks like Animal Planet, Discovery, National Geographic, NAT GEO Wild and PBS fill their schedules with documentaries and critter reality programs. These shows promise a real glimpse into the behavior of wild animals. But just how authentic are they?

"There's a degree of audience deception that goes on," says veteran wildlife producer Chris Palmer, whose recent book, Shooting in the Wild, reveals some of the trickery. read more

Watercooler: Hellcats is One Hell of a Party


To those of you who dropped the freshman drama Hellcats for being nothing but an experiment in cheerleaders-gone-wild, it's time to re-enroll. Because this thing is some serious fun.

Last night, the Lancer pep goddesses turned it out for an '80s-themed Spirit Party to celebrate the team's 25th anniversary, complete with costumes, kitsch and — siss-boom-yeah! — a killer cover of Squeeze's "Tempted" by series regular Sharon Leal.

read more

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