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Michael Rosenbaum Opens Up About Lex's Finale Return to Smallville!

Michael Rosenbaum

After 10 super seasons, Smallville flies off into the sunset next Friday (May 13, 8/7c, The CW). To make the two-hour event even more epic, fan fave — and Breaking In scene stealer — Michael Rosenbaum is back as Lex Luthor to mess with Clark one last time and to give fans what they've been asking since he left the show three years ago. In this exclusive interview, he runs down what we should expect from Lex... and the show's very last episode.

TV Guide Magazine: OK, what took so damn long?
Rosenbaum: It just never quite clicked, and I felt like I had accomplished what I needed to. I'm so flattered that the fans wanted me back, but I was busy. I was doing other things, working on me, growing my hair...
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The Killing's Mireille Enos: Arresting Beauty

Mireille Enos

Some crime shows pull you in with gunplay and explosions, others with snappy dialogue between bantering buddies. On The Killing, AMC's compelling new mystery, it's the faces that hook you. Whether they're despairing, full of rage, menacing or intensely haunting as in the case of Sarah Linden, played by the superb Mireille Enos — just try to turn away.

With a quiet authority and obsessive dedication to the job, Detective Linden is perhaps the most multilayered and intriguing female cop since Helen Mirren's Jane Tennison on Prime Suspect. The demanding role was exceedingly difficult to cast. "A mild panic had set in about ever finding the right actress," recalls exec producer Veena Sud...
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American Idol Backstage Report: Jacob's Last Hurrah

Jacob Lusk

When the cameras stopped rolling on Thursday night's American Idol, eliminated contestant Jacob Lusk was just getting started. He took the audience to church, belting out nothing but a joyful chorus. Still singing, he locked arms with Steven Tyler, who joined him on stage in an impromptu dance. Then he switched partners and did a jig with Randy Jackson. Jennifer Lopez gave him a big hug...
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Private Practice's Amelia Heads for a Downward Spiral

Caterina Scorsone

It was only a matter of time before Private Practice's Amelia Shepherd unraveled. After a season focusing on the sexual assault of Charlotte, the suicide of Addison's mother, the release of Violet's tell-all book and the death of Pete's mom, the character always ready to give advice in the form of a quip is finally going to face her own demons, says her portrayer, Caterina Scorsone.

"Amelia was coming from a pretty dark place when she started the show, and then she really got herself together in a very tangible way. But as the season comes to a close, things have gotten pretty stressful for her. The end of the season leaves her in an interesting place — and leaves me excited for next year," Scorsone told TV Guide Magazine...
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Watercooler: Parker and Recreation

Parker Posey

Sometimes TV gets it right, and last night, Parks and Recreation got it uber-right.

By casting quirky indie-flick queen Parker Posey as Leslie's ex-bestie-turned-government nemesis Lindsay, we got a double dose of the femme-faboo funny from Amy Poehler and her former Spring Breakdown costar and a peek at just how awesome it would be to have Posey on series TV. (Just not in something as misguided as that Jezebel James sitcom she tried a few years back. Nobody needs that.)...
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Cheers & Jeers: Josh Holloway — Community's Top Gun

Josh Holloway

Cheers to Josh Holloway for shooting — and scoring big laughs on Community.

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Sawyer was always Lost's funniest character, rivaled only by Hurley, and Holloway brought his dry wit and penchant for nicknames to NBC's genius collegiate comedy as the Man with No Name (other than Black Rider) in a Spaghetti Western-themed sequel to last year's paintball shoot-'em-up. "He's really good-looking — like, network-TV good-looking," observed Danny Pudi's Abed in one of the script's many sly asides...
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Exclusive: NBC Launches First-Ever America's Got Talent Online Audition App

Nick Cannon

Wanna audition for NBC's America's Got Talent? There's an app for that.

NBC is set to announce the launch of a new America's Got Talent app that will allow users to upload their audition videos directly to YouTube via an iPhone or Android device. NBC says the app is the first of its kind for a competition reality show.

"This process throws a wider ...
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Watercooler: Idol May Be Out of Lusk

Jacob Lusk

Pack your bags, kid.

Last night, the final five took the American Idol stage and it became clear about 10 minutes into the night that Jacob Lusk wasn't so much in it to win it as he was out to hurt our ears.

Faced with handling two songs each—as Seacrest vaguely explained, one from ...
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American Idol Backstage Report: James Durbin's Emotional Night

James Durbin

During American Idol rehearsals this week, James Durbin had no trouble keeping his emotions in check singing the emotionally wrenching "Without You." Doing several takes, he brought out the gentle side of his voice and then hit the high notes hard. It was moving, but rehearsed in a very professional, matter-of-fact ...
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Can Mark Burnett Save the Emmys?

Mark Burnett

Can Mark Burnett save the Emmys? The reality-TV kingpin, currently riding high thanks to the success of his new NBC singing competition The Voice (not to mention the renewed interest in Celebrity Apprentice), has agreed to take on a ...
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