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Exclusive: Raising Hope Gives Cloris Leachman a Promotion

Cloris Leachman

Make room for more Maw Maw. As Raising Hope starts planning for Season 2, Cloris Leachman — who plays the show's confused octogenarian — has been elevated to series regular status on the Fox comedy...
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Watercooler: Hurry Up, Summer TV!

Jimmy Kimmel

Welcome to that time in warm-weather TV when there's not much new and even less scripted. Call it the Late-Spring Reality Twilight Zone. And call us when it's over.

Last night, the pickings were majorly meager, for sure, as ABC served up a prime time NBA game-day episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, while NBC gave us a double-shot of competition with the launch of America's Got Talent and the last battle round on The Voice...
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Cheers & Jeers: The Voice Scores!

The Voice

Cheers to The Voice for reaching a new high note.

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With American Idol and Dancing With the Stars on summer vacation, NBC's breakout hit stands as TV's premiere reality competition; new lead-in America's Got Talent can't hope to compete in terms of star power and, well, talent...
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Roush Review: Boys (Franklin & Bash) to Men (Of a Certain Age)

Mark-Paul Gosselar

You could get whiplash from the mixed messages being sent by TNT's first combo of the busy summer season.

In the new Franklin & Bash, an aggressively quirky buddy comedy-drama that feels like something excavated out of David E. Kelley's trunk of less inspired ideas, it's all about overgrown boys being boys, and no matter how annoying they get, we're supposed to find them lovable. It's being paired with the back half of the second season of the Peabody-winning Men of a Certain Age, a more mellow and bittersweet drama about the midlife crises of three best buds who've learned the hard way that growing up may not be the easiest thing, but in the long run it's worth it.

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Why Isn't TV More Diverse?

Boris Kodjoe, Gugu Mbatha-Raw

To paraphrase NBC's marketing slogan, has prime time become "less colorful"? Looking at the casting of this fall's new TV series, the groups that monitor TV diversity think so.

Unlike last year, when at least nine new shows boasted leading roles for black, Latino and Asian-American actors (including NBC's now canceled Undercovers and Outlaw and The CW's returning Nikita), next year most minority characters are supporting roles. The networks are also airing more comedies next fall — and in recent years, half-hour sitcoms have been less diverse than dramas.

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The Season: What Popped and Flopped

Jennifer Lopez, Charlie Sheen

Despite suffering through a lethargic fall, the networks had reason to be upbeat as the TV season came to a close on May 25. Reality veterans American Idol and Dancing With the Stars staged healthy comebacks, while plenty of scripted series still showed some legs. Here's a roundup of prime time's hits and misses from 2010-2011.


American Idol Some thought TV's No. 1 show would be doomed without its signature judge Simon Cowell, but that turned out to be wishful thinking on the part of Fox's competitors. Idol was up 5 percent for the season, with an average of 25 million viewers. The producers delivered on a promise of younger and more authentic contestants. Another big help: two finalists who performed country music, which does well... read more

Ask Matt: Finale Fallout (Mentalist, House, Glee) and More!

Teresa Lisbon and Patrick Jane

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Question: I don't agree that Patrick Jane killed the real Red John in The Mentalist finale. Bringing in a never-before-seen actor and calling him Red John is too easy and takes away from the drama of the show. Using an unknown "disposable" like this guy is indeed Red John's MO. "Who can Patrick Jane trust?" is the real central theme of the show.

As of this episode, he trusts the CBI team, finally telling them what he knows. He still doesn't trust LaRoche (what was in the plastic box?), which is probably a wise move. It could never have been Director Bertram — he was too worried about media and not about what went on. LaRoche certainly has some baggage, including killing the bomber and responding as he did when Jane was running off to spring the trap. ("Busy boy.") My guess is that LaRoche ...
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Watercooler: We Can't Mask Our Concern for The Bachelorette

Ashley Hebert

Oh Ashley, you poor, silly pretty girl.

Last night, The Bachelorette spent her second episode pretty much making sure that we all saw how clueless she is when it comes to guys. It's kind ...
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Matt Bomer and Piper Perabo: License to Thrill

Matt Bomer and Piper Perabo

He's the bad boy, she's by the book. But when you put two of cable's sexiest stars together for a photo shoot, a funny thing happens. After shaking off the sand and scrubbing off their sun-kissed makeup, Matt Bomer, who plays White Collar's swoonworthy con man Neal Caffrey, and Piper Perabo, the Golden Globe-nominated knockout behind Covert Affairs' CIA rookie Annie Walker, chill out at a café on New York's Chelsea Piers. When not dropping hints about their season premieres this week — Collar returns with our beloved Neal-Peter bromance on the rocks, and Affairs finds Annie protecting a CIA ally just as strong-willed as she is — the two laugh it up about love interests, filming on location and their perfect idea for a crossover episode. Hot and hilarious? Talk about an explosive combo... read more

Keck's Exclusives: They're Back! Big Stars Return Next Season

Rachel Bilson and Eddie Cibrian

Buffy as twisted identical twins! The O.C.'s Summer, now with a license to practice medicine! A smoking and drinking 1960s playboy sure to give Don Draper a run for his money! Some of my favorite TV vets give me the inside scoop on the new characters we'll start meeting in September.  

Eddie Cibrian
The Playboy Club
Chicago Playboy Club founding member Nick Dalton is a lawyer who smokes, drinks and, ahem, socializes just as much as Mad Men's Don Draper. And that's just fine by Eddie (CSI: Miami), who is ready for the comparisons. "I'm not going to... read more

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