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All My Children's Debbi Morgan Talks Emmys, Cancellation and That Sony Rumor

Debbi Morgan

These are bittersweet times for Debbi Morgan. The groundbreaking actress — daytime's first black female superstar — is once again riding high on All My Children in the sudsiest of plots. Her character, Angie Hubbard, stopped taking crucial medication and allowed herself to go blind when she discovered she was pregnant, only to deliver a stillborn baby. Angie has no idea her child died because her hubby, Jesse (Darnell Williams), pulled a switch and gave her an abandoned newborn. Meanwhile, the baby's real mother has been working as a housemaid in Pine Valley. This emotional time bomb has helped make Morgan a front runner in the best actress race for Sunday's Daytime Emmys. Fabulous, right? But then there's that damn cancellation. TV Guide Magazine spoke with the divinely dimpled diva about her shot at a second Emmy, the end of AMC and that report that said she's moving to a Sony soap!

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Exclusive: Discovery to Bring Mythbusters, Penn & Teller, Dinos to Comic-Con

Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage

Mark your calendars, Comic-Con attendees! Discovery Channel has announced it will bring two new shows and a returning favorite to Comic-Con International in San Diego this July.

Magician/comedian Penn Jillette and his partner, Teller, will host a panel for their new series Penn & Teller Tell a Lie, airing this fall on Discovery. On Thursday, July 21 from 7-8pm, audiences will get a first-hand account of this new Penn & Teller series in which the duo answer the world's biggest questions such as "Can you lift a 5,000 pound car with human hair?" and "Does cursing help with pain management?" However, at the end of each episode, one outrageous question will be revealed as a lie.

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Cheers & Jeers: Men of a Certain Age — In A League of Its Own

Scott Bakula and Andre Braugher

Cheers to Men of a Certain Age for pitching a perfect episode.

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Glee's Jane Lynch on Her Next Role: Emmy Host

Jane Lynch

Glee's Jane Lynch will likely sing a song, but leave the Sue Sylvester tracksuit at home, when she hosts the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards September 18 on Fox. Lynch, who was named Outstanding Supporting Actress last year and is expected to land another nomination, took time while vacationing with her family to give us an early tease of what to expect.

TV Guide Magazine: Was this a gig you've always wanted or always avoided?
Jane Lynch:
It's so funny — kind of in the middle. Like Saturday Night Live [which she hosted to rave reviews last year] it was something like, 'Oh God, I would love to do that, but I'd be so afraid.' My wife out of nowhere will say, 'Who's hosting the Emmys?' And I'll go, 'Me'!

TV Guide Magazine: Looking back, who has done the job well?
Billy Crystal at the Oscars was the best. He was so... read more

Watercooler: Is The Nine Lives of Chloe King the Cat's Meow?

Skyler Samuels

Hello, kitty!

ABC Family let its cat-powered new teen drama out of the bag last night and from the fun, fast-paced pilot, we're inclined to say that Pretty Little Liars (which kicked off its second season in killer style an hour earlier) has quite the fitting companion piece. It's not PLL-level addictive yet, but it's far from a runt.

Starring the immensely charismatic Skyler Samuels, Nine Lives of Chloe King tells the tail, er, tale of a quirky teen who... read more

Keck's Exclusives: Walking Dead Ready for Action

Walking Dead Action Figure

You've been warned! This November, four Walking Dead action figures — designed to look like the actors on AMC's chilling zombie saga, which returns in October — are hitting stores. (Figures based on the hand-drawn characters in the graphic novels will be out in September.)

Deputy sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) comes with two guns, a walkie-talkie, a baseball bat and a... read more

Exclusive: CMT Checks Into the Swanderosa

CMT Logo

CMT is getting into the event business. The country-fried cable network has ordered eight episodes of Swanderosa, a docu-series about a family that runs a wedding and event planning business in San Antonio.

The show will follow the exploits of the Swan family, who run their business at an 18-acre estate they've dubbed the "Swanderosa." Daughter Ashley runs the business, with her dad as a ...
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Gene Simmons' Family Jewels Gets Real

Gene Simmons Family Jewels

Gene Simmons wants to rock and roll all night and party every day, but Shannon Tweed has had enough of it. As the Gene Simmons Family Jewels cameras were rolling, Tweed finally took Simmons to task for his womanizing — giving the show a jolt of drama as it entered its sixth season.

Viewers will see how that conflict plays out as ...
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The Closer Spin-Off: "The Dynamics Are Going to Change"

Mary McDonnell

Brenda Leigh Johnson is by no means done squeezing confessions out of criminals on The Closer, but already the TNT show, which premieres its seventh and final season on July 11, is setting the scene for its new spinoff, Major Crimes.

"We've talked about Major Crimes on the episodes ...
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Watercooler: The Bachelorette Boys Get Nasty

Ashley Hebert

It's the most wonderful time of the year! When hot, fit men turn into sniping, needy freaks who run to any camera they can find to trash each other. That's right... it's The Bachelorette jock block!

However, as opposed to seasons past, the guys combined their powers of spite to single out a lone victim last night — handsome, happy, painfully attractive Ryan P. — instead of turning against each other willy-nilly. And once our dim ...
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