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Fall TV Preview: Ringer

Sarah Michelle Geller and Ioan Gruffudd

Having come of age in the pre-VCR/DVD/DVR era, I have a soft spot for the sort of glossy B-movie melodramas that used to be a staple of local channels. Movies like Dead Ringer, a '60s potboiler starring Bette Davis as a woman who takes over her identical twin's identity. Any resemblance to the CW's Ringer may not be intentional, but it predisposes me to come along for the convoluted ride. (Comparisons to the twin-swapping shenanigans over at ABC Family's The Lying Game are also inevitable, but this is a much more clearly defined mystery thriller, and is aimed at a slightly more mature and sophisticated audience. It was developed for CBS, believe it or not.)

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Watercooler: How About Bachelor Pad's Split Decision?

Holly Durst, Michael Stagliano

He should have kept the money. After all, he lost the girl.

Last night, the finale of Bachelor Pad pit exes-turned-teammates Michael and Holly against one another in one last challenge that asked them to individually decide to either share the 250K prize or claim it all for themselves. Normally (or as normal as this hormonal parade can get), we'd expect them to strategize beforehand and agree to go 50/50.

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Exclusive: Chuck Lorre on Keeping Two and a Half Men Alive and Casting Ashton

Chuck Lorre

Two and a Half Men creator and executive producer Chuck Lorre is not necessarily a shy guy. But when it comes to the recent events surrounding Two and a Half Men, Lorre has remained silent — until now.

Timed to TV Guide Magazine's Fall Preview issue, which features the first sit-down interview with new Two and a Half Men castmates Ashton Kutcher, Jon Cryer and Angus T. Jones, Lorre finally agreed to discuss why he decided to keep Two and a Half Men going after star Charlie Sheen was fired. He's also honest in admitting that Kutcher wasn't his first choice for the gig — which he originally envisioned in a whole different way.

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Simon Cowell Sounds Off on X Factor and Paula Abdul

Simon Cowell

Prime-time television needs another talent competition as much as it needs another rule-breaking cop, unconventional lawyer or wacky neighbor. Yet Fox is launching a U.S. version of the U.K. hit The X Factor, in which unknown singers compete for the chance to win a $5 million recording contract. "What makes this different from all those other shows? Simon Cowell," says Nicole Scherzinger, one of the show's judges, along with Cowell, Paula Abdul and Grammy Award-winning producer Antonio "L.A." Reid. "He's like the Elvis of talent reality shows. And this will be like American Idol on steroids."

Cowell, who will earn $75 million per season, is not just a judge. He's also the show's executive producer and head cheerleader and spent much of the past year traveling around America trying to drum up interest in The X Factor. He explains why he likes this show more than American Idol and how he's learned to love former nemesis Abdul... read more

Exclusive First Look: Sarah Michelle Gellar Returns to All My Children

Sarah Michelle Gellar

All My Children will soon end its staggering 41-year run but not before one of its most famous grads drops in to say goodbye. Ringer star Sarah Michelle Gellar, who won a 1995 Daytime Emmy as Kendall Hart, the wicked, sexually audacious daughter of Erica Kane, will return to the ABC soap September 21.

Gellar approached the show herself, specifically asking not to play Kendall read more

First Look: Supernatural Writer Adam Glass Assembles an All-New Suicide Squad for DC Comics

Suicide Squad

As if his day job as co-executive producer on Supernatural didn't take him to enough dark places, Adam Glass' new gig writing DC Comics' Suicide Squad is also packed with depravity. The comic book, whose first issue goes on sale Wednesday as part of DC's relaunch of its entire line, features a team of hardened super villains who are recruited into a government black ops team as a way to reduce their prison sentences. Their missions are brutal and bloody (the first issue includes a harrowing torture sequence) and as the name of the team implies, survival is never guaranteed.

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Exclusive: American Idol Vet Diana DeGarmo Joins The Young and the Restless

Diana DeGarmo

Former American Idol runner-up and Broadway baby Diana DeGarmo is headed to The Young and the Restless for a very juicy contract role! She'll be playing ...
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Exclusive: Details on Jenny McCarthy's Big Return to Two and a Half Men

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy is returning to Two and a Half Men — and she's doing a lot more than just attending Charlie's funeral.

The actress first played con artist Courtney, who scams Charlie Sheen's character out of money, in 2007. McCarthy showed up again last season for a handful of episodes, as Courtney was released from jail and pursued a new relationship with Charlie.

This season, it's been rumored that Courtney shows up to Charlie's funeral. But beyond that, TV Guide Magazine has confirmed that McCarthy's character is also back to stir up more ...
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Susan and Bill Hayes Return to Days of Our Lives

Bill Hayes, Susan Seaforth Hayes

There has been a lot of hoopla — understandably! — about the September 26 relaunch of NBC's Days Of Our Lives and the return of supercouple Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall. But, truth be told, we're just as excited that Bill Hayes and Susan Seaforth Hayes — the true First Couple of Salem — are also headed back to the show. Watch for them September 23 through 28 when their characters, Doug and Julie Williams, appear for the dedication celebration of the new Horton Town ...
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Ask Matt: The Closer, Damages, New Girl, Pan Am and More!

Kyra Sedgwick

Send questions to and follow me on Twitter!

Question: I was wondering what you thought of the civil suit arc on The Closer this season. It's an interesting juxtaposition of morality on the one hand, and rooting for the characters on the other. It also shows all the different shades of grey in the law. If I heard about an incident in real life where police just dropped off someone in a neighborhood when they thought s/he would be killed, I'd be appalled. Yet I understand these characters' motives in this case, like all of them, and want to be on their side. The part of this arc I do love is Mark Pellegrino as Brenda's lawyer Gavin. I love the character and the nuances Pellegrino brings to playing him. Having only seen Pellegrino previously on Lost, and noting how different Gavin is from Jacob, I really appreciate what a fine actor he is. He deserves his own show. Unlike most of the other lawyer shows in recent years on TNT or USA, which I've skipped, I'd definitely watch a show centered around this ...
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