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Cheers & Jeers: Maura Tierney Burns Bright on Rescue Me

Maura Tierney

Cheers to Maura Tierney for her incandescent performance on Rescue Me.

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The amazingly versatile actress returned to her recurring role on FX's firefighter dramedy as Kelly McPhee, a feisty single woman who warmed the cockles of Tommy Gavin's cold, cold heart. (They bonded over the fact that they had both lost children.) But when Tommy bumped into Kelly in a drugstore, something had changed: She'd been diagnosed with cancer — much like Tierney was in real life — and had lost much of her hair.

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Keck's Exclusives: Robert Wagner Out as Charlie in ABC's New Charlie's Angels

Robert Wagner

I have a confession to make. I've sort of known this disappointing news for a while, but out of respect to all involved have kept a lid on it. Now, with the cast and producers of ABC's new Charlie's Angels about to descend on Comic-Con in San Diego this weekend, ABC and Sonyare finally allowing me break the news officially.

In a statement provided to me exclusively, the network and production studio say, "Due to his scheduling conflicts, Robert Wagner will need to step away from his duties as Charlie on Charlie's Angels... read more

Exclusive: The Bold and the Beautiful Goes High-Def, Plus Hot Fall Plot Scoop

Hunter Tylo

The stars of daytime's No. 2 soap are about to get a big dose of reality: On September 7, CBS's The Bold and the Beautiful will start broadcasting in high definition, a development "that will take our show to a whole new look and level," exec producer Brad Bell tells TV Guide Magazine. "We knew back when we did all that CGI work on the Brookeberries story that it would have been so much better in high-def. Now we've got what we need to really move the show forward. And it's about time because, globally, you need to be high-def. It's now expected that you deliver your product that way." (B&B is the most widely seen daily drama in the world.)

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Callie Thorne Tackles Her First Starring Role on Necessary Roughness

Callie Thorne

Callie Thorne was stuck in New York City gridlock recently with her mom when she spied a familiar face. "I was like, 'Ma, Ma, look!' and I point and there's me on the back of a bus, and we both started shrieking," says the star of USA's new drama Necessary Roughness, laughing. "There was this convertible of guys next to us, and my mother goes, 'That's my daughter!' They were taking pictures and they said, 'Get out of the car!' I was like, 'I will not get out of the car!... OK, I'll get out of the car.' I'm such a loser."

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Cheers & Jeers: Love is Blind on Covert Affairs

Christopher Gorham and Rebecca Mader

Cheers to Covert Affairs for a wonderfully overt affair. read more

Watercooler: Who is Teen Wolf's Alpha?

Teen Wolf

Ok, it's theory time, Teen Wolf fans.

Last night, the Alpha kicked up some more chaos for the kids of Beacon Hills, all the while remaining in the shadows and still without an actual name. And as the full moon turned Scott into a complete dawg (hooking up with Stiles' crush... bad wolf!) and Allison got way too cozy with creepy-hot Jackson, the identity of this ever-elusive lycanthrope became even more important to our hairy hero, since his only hope for a cure — and a chance to win back his girl — is to kill the beast that bit him in the first place...
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Exclusive First Look: Bedlam Is Set to Break Out on BBC America!


Think your neighbors are crazy? Try living in Bedlam Heights, the haunted insane asylum-turned-apartment building at the center of Bedlam, BBC America's legitimately creepy new series. Starring Downton Abbey's Theo James, The Tudors' Charlotte Salt and original Pop Idol winner Will Young, this Melrose-meets-Sixth Sense scarefest isn't set to bow on our shores until this October, but you can get a sneak peek here in this exclusive trailer... if you dare...
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Roush Review: An Affair to Remember, and More Tuesday TV

Covert Affairs

Escapism is USA Network's specialty, especially in the busy summer season, and rarely achieved more effortlessly than in the appealing Tuesday night combo of White Collar and Covert Affairs. Tonight's unusually ambitious Affairs episode (10/9c) is a great escape for several reasons. It takes us far away, to exotic Istanbul — filmed on location (not exactly an everyday occurrence on a basic-cable budget), and having just returned from that region a week ago, I assure you it's as fabulous as it looks here — and as an added bonus, we're in very good company, because the story focuses on the show's not-so-secret weapon, scene-stealer Christopher Gorham's affable blind CIA agent Auggie Anderson...
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Cheers & Jeers: Men of a Certain Rage

Men of a Certain Age

Jeers to TNT for cutting short the lifespan of Men of a Certain Age.

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Oh, the cable net's execs thought they were being sneaky, announcing the cancellation on Friday at 5 pm to minimize the backlash, but they're not getting off easy on this one...
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Japan's Victory in the Women's World Cup Sets ESPN Soccer Record

Japanese Women's Soccer Team

The United States soccer team may not have won the Women's World Cup, but Sunday's championship game was pure gold for ESPN. Japan's stunning victory over the favored Americans — coming from behind twice before nailing the title in a penalty shootout — averaged... read more

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