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Cheers & Jeers: CBS Bungles the Robert Wagner Case

Robert Wagner

Jeers to CBS for going full-steam-ahead with an NCIS episode that felt unintentionally — and uncomfortably — ripped from the headlines.

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J.R. Martinez Wasn't the Only Winner on Dancing With the Stars

Karina Smirnoff, J.R. Martinez

What is newly crowned Dancing With the Stars champion J.R. Martinez going to do with his mirror ball trophy? "I'm gonna put mine in bed. I'm gonna tuck it in, and it's gonna roll around with me. And after that, I'm gonna glue it on the hood of my car and drive around Los Angeles honking my horn. It's gonna be my own parade."

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Watercooler: 25 Reasons to Give Thanks for TV This Year

Melanie Amarro, The X Factor

On this eve of Thanksgiving, before you all go out and enjoy the biggest drinking night of the year, we'd like to go around the virtual table that is and share what we're most grateful for this year. There have been so many blessings — the grungy glory of Sons of Anarchy, Rachel Bilson coming back to TV, Adam Levine's butt in jeans — that it's impossible for us to pick just one thing. So here's a list of some of our favorite TV gifts of 2011. Enjoy... and please, add your... read more

All Aboard for AMC's Railroad Drama Hell on Wheels

Hell On Wheels

One of the resonant early images in AMC's ambitious new drama Hell on Wheels — about the building of the transcontinental railroad in the fractious days immediately after the Civil War — has religious believers ecstatically submitting to baptism while, in the background, violent progress proceeds apace, with huge explosions tearing up the terrain.

"That's very representative of the show," says Tony Gayton, who created the series with his brother Joe (they've collaborated on films, including last year's... read more

Dancing With the Stars: Will Rob Win the Trophy?

Rob Kardashian

Here's what happened to the Dancing With the Stars finalists on Monday night: Ricki Lake did her best not to screw up the lifts in her freestyle dance — "I was really afraid of falling down," she said. read more

Critic's Guide to Tuesday TV: X Factor, Sons of Anarchy, RJ on NCIS, and More!

Melanie Amaro

Things finally started to get dramatic on Fox's The X Factor last week, and could get even more so with this week's first double elimination — but really, show, why stop at two? (If they'd just crown Melanie Amaro already, it would save us all a ton of time.) And here's a thought: Should the decision become as contentious as it was in last Thursday's showdown between the erratic Stacy Francis, who desperately wanted to stay, and petulant little "Astro," who was so disgruntled at being in the bottom he almost couldn't be bothered to "sing for his life," next time the judges should force a tie so the act with the lowest viewer vote totals is sent packing. read more

Watercooler: How I Met Your Shocker

How I Met Your Mother

Whoa. Did not see that coming!

Last night, How I Met Your Mother served up a Thanksgiving episode that was juicy for sure, but way more about the sides than the main course. Typical, right?

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Watercooler: Original Idol Kelly Clarkson's AMAs Lesson to The X Factor Acts

Kelly Clarkson

Attention X Factor wannabes: Kelly Clarkson is a what you should be aiming for.

Last night, the original American Idol brought her big-ass vocals and solid star-power to the American Music Awards and stood out among the field of other, non-TV discovered stars. Why? Because the ...
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Ask Matt: Homeland, Revenge, Cougar Town, Fringe and More

Claire Danes

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Question: I have a hard time reconciling the stories of two attractive women on Homeland and Revenge who make up to and sleep with the enemy. I can see a guy doing ...
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