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Private Practice's Paul Adelstein: Cooper-Centric Episode Will "Shock" Viewers

Paul Adelstein, Kadee Strickland and Griffin Gluck

Cooper is breaking the fourth wall!

Keeping with Private Practice's ambitiously quirky episodes in its final season, in Tuesday's Cooper-centric outing, the doc will actually address the viewers at home as he shares his fears and excitement about Charlotte's impending pregnancy.

TV's soon-to-be-departed series: Are their swan songs hitting the right notes or falling flat?

"It's direct address," Paul Adelstein tells "I'm talking to... read more

How Will the Fringe Team Deal with Etta's Death?

Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson and Georgina Haig

In a cruel new world, it only seems fitting that Peter and Olivia would reunite with their daughter only to have her tragically taken away from them too soon.

On last Friday's Fringe, the Observers mercilessly killed the youngest Bishop family member, sending out shock waves among the Fringe fandom. How could Etta (Georgina Haig), who we came to love during such a short period of time, be taken away so soon? This is just a taste of the danger Peter (Joshua Jackson), Olivia (Anna Torv), Walter (John Noble) and Astrid (Jasika Nicole) will continue to face in the Observer-occupied future.  

Mega Buzz: Which familiar face is returning to Fringe?

"Etta's death is read more

Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peeks: April's Back! Cristina's Miserable!

Sarah Drew

April Kepner is back, baby!

When Grey's Anatomy returns, the twice-fired Seattle Grace doc will make her triumphant return, only to discover that Jackson (Jesse Williams) did not, in fact, leave for Tulane. Considering their recent history — they hooked up during the boards and then shortly after, she stood him up at a bar --  things get a little awkward. But the good news is, Jackson goes shirtless in the new clips below!

Scream's Neve Campbell checks into Grey's Anatomy

In other news, Cristina (Sandra Oh) is miserable in Minnesota, though we do get a hint of a smile — sort of. Plus: Alex (Justin Chambers) gets saddled with an intern, to which Callie (Sara Ramirez) has the best response when making sure he doesn't sleep with her. Watch the sneak peeks below: read more

Watch the First Five Minutes of American Horror Story: Asylum

Adam Levine

American Horror Story: Asylum is kicking off like any great horror story should: A couple (Adam Levine and Jenna Dewan) sneak off into the woods to a haunted and condemned asylum to enjoy a little, ahem, private time.

But they may not be alone in Briarcliff Manor, which was formerly run by the Catholic Church. Among those once in charge were Jessica Lange's Sister Jude and Joseph Fiennes' Monsignor Timothy Howard, who had to keep the patients — played by Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson, among others — in line.

New American Horror Story promo features lovers, sinners and saints

To find out whether Season 2's Briarcliff Manor is scarier than Season 1's Murder House — it seems like it! — watch the first five minutes of the premiere, including the creeptacular new opening credits: read more

Parks and Rec Video: Ron Finds Love with Someone Not Named Tammy in Lucy Lawless

Nick Offerman, Lucy Lawless

Twist! Ron Swanson is getting a love interest who isn't named Tammy!

Yes, the Parks and Recreation's curmudgeon will meet his match this Thursday when Lucy Lawless makes her first appearance as Diane, and was on set for their meet-cute. 

Parks and Recreation Scoop: Bert Macklin returns — sort of!

It's all thanks, in part, to Chris Traeger (Rob Lowe), who has introduced a new initiative called 311, where concerned citizens of Pawnee can call the government to get their questions answered and complaints heard. "While Ron is on the phone shift, this lady keeps calling about this pothole in front of her house," Nick Offerman explains of Ron and Diane's initial interaction. "I think he shares her frustration with the government that nobody at public works is picking up the phone, so he... read more

Exclusive Videos: Parks and Recreation's Andy Dwyer Presents the Facts — Sometimes

Chris Pratt and Rob Lowe

If you've ever wanted an awesome tour of Washington, D.C., then Parks and Recreation's Andy Dwyer is... not your man.

Parks and Recreation Scoop: Leslie's about to get a rude awakening

In these exclusive never-before-seen videos shot while the NBC comedy was on location in the nation's capital for the season premiere, Andy (Chris Pratt) acts as tour guide around Washington, D.C. to present the facts — which are often really wrong. Still, he goes on the hunt for an underground city, picking up clues (aka money) out of fountains. And since he's in D.C., Bert Macklin makes a surprising return!

Check out the videos below: read more

Once Upon a Time: Will Regina Still Have Magic in Storybrooke?

Lana Parrilla

"Magic is different here."

Regina will learn that the hard way when Once Upon a Time returns for its second season on Sunday, Sept. 30. With magic now released into Storybrooke, and our favorite fairy tale characters fully aware of who they truly are now, Regina (Lana Parrilla) will find herself the target of an angry mob. Unfortunately, this will make the Charming family reunion just a little bit awkward.

Lightning Round: Once Upon a Time bosses answer your burning questions!

Check out sneak peeks at the season premiere, which also include how Belle (Emilie de Ravin) really feels about Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) releasing magic into the town: read more

Scandal Video: Who Is Quinn Perkins?

Katie Lowes

It's the question that has plagued Scandal fans since the Shonda Rhimes political fixer series went off the air in May: Seriously, who is Quinn Perkins?

Who is Quinn Perkins and 5 more things to know about the Scandal premiere

The newly released deposition videos of Pope & Associates (which you can check out here!) may be able to give some insight into who Quinn (Katie Lowes) is — if we can even call her that. While Olivia (Kerry Washington) actually... read more

Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek: Derek's Alive, But Will He Return to the OR?

Patrick Dempsey

The good news: Derek is, in fact, alive! The Grey's Anatomy doc did survive the crash, but that doesn't mean he won't be going through difficult times upon his return to Seattle Grace.

Get the scoop on Grey's Anatomy and your other favorite returning fall TV shows

"I don't know if... read more

First Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Trailer Features Mama McGarrett

Alex O’Loughlin

It's time to meet Mama McGarrett!

The first trailer for the new season of Hawaii Five-0 features the long-awaited introduction of Doris McGarrett (Christine Lahti), who... read more

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