Grey's VIDEO: Kevin McKidd Surveys the Owen-Cristina Hook-Up, Previews an "Odd Pairing"

Kevin McKidd, Grey's Anatomy

In part 2 of our video Q&A with Kevin McKidd, the Grey's Anatomy star weighs in on the last episode, in which Owen and Cristina finally hit the sheets. Why the wait? "They both know deep down that this isn't just a quickie in the on-call room," he says. "There's really something going on [between them]."

McKidd also shares his thoughts on who will and won't be getting married in the May 7 episode, then gets a good laugh from our question about the "going away party" for T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl.

Lastly, the Scotsman previews how Owen will set out to mentor Alex, only to see great potential in another aspiring surgeon — George — as the Seattle Grace staff contends with a war zone-like multiple traumas situation.

Watch and discuss McKidd's video after the jump. read more

VIDEO: Lost's Michael Emerson Teases an "Explosive" Finale

Michael Emerson, Lost

With Lost's season finale now three-and-a-half weeks (including one clip show) away, Michael Emerson is letting slip some info about what's in store for Ben, the others and, well, the Others.

Airing May 13, the Season 5 finale is "so packed with action," Emerson tells TV Guide Network's Hollywood 411. "So many storylines come to a really big head, and we finally get to lay eyes on ... read more

Fox Heats Up with Star-Studded Guest Lineup, Action-Packed Finales in May

Jodie Foster

Fox's May sweeps feature a plethora of big-name talent and wildly anticipated finales. From Jodie Foster lending her voice to The Simpsons' season closer to American Idol finding its reigning champ, take a look at the month's highlights, and weigh in on which episodes you'll be tuning into.

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Rocky Carroll, NCIS: Season Finale Is "Quite a Ride!"


This will be a brief entry, so much going on at this time. My mother's doing pretty good, thanks for all your prayers and good wishes. Today is the first day of filming for the season finale. Of course I can't give anything away, but hang on to your hats, folks. It's going to be quite a ride to the end of Season 6.

I have to answer this question first because one of our own is trying to win a bet. Yes, Shory22, you are right. I was a member of the cast of ... read more

NCIS Exclusive: Dexter's Ex Gets Under the Team's Skin

Jaime Murray

An ICE queen is going to give the NCIS team a big chill during May sweeps.

TVGuide.com has learned that Jaime Murray will guest-star on the CBS series' penultimate episode of the season, playing Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent Julia "Jules" Foster-Yates.

As Gibbs' gang engages in this cross-departmental exercise, Agent Foster-Yates will get under the skin of ... read more

Exclusive: Lost Finale's "Code Name" Is Revealed

What the fork does Lost have planned?

Since Season 1, the producers of ABC's Lost have assigned a "code name" to the season-ending twist that sends jaws plunging to the floor and heads a-scratching. It started with "The Bagel" (Walt is abducted by the Others!), and most recently we had the "Frozen Donkey Wheel" (a nod to the apparatus Ben uses to "move" the island, but in actuality referring to the reveal of Locke's death).

This season, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, via their ABC.com podcast, invited Lost fans to (blindly) suggest nicknames for the Season 5 game-changer. Find out the winning entry, after the jump! read more

Getting Lost "Bonus": What the Finale Shocker Will Not Be Nicknamed

As first reported by TVGuide.com, Lost executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse decided this year to invite fans to come up with the "code name" for the season finale's jaw-dropping final moment.

After receiving a flood of submissions — and perhaps taking a cue from a certain time-slot rival — Team Darlton narrowed the field down to a "Top 13." As revealed in the official ABC podcast, the contenders are:

  • Baby Diaper Covered in Barbeque Sauce
  • The Droids You're Looking For
  • The Exploding Pretzel Jar
  • The Fifth Toe
  • The Fork in the Outlet
  • The Hooded Leprechaun
  • Jack Gets Pregnant
  • The Joop
  • Smokey's Dorm Room
  • The Spanish Inquisition
  • The Twinkie
  • The Zeigarnik
  • The Zombie Bake Sale

One of the above — "The Hooded Leprechaun" — the boys say, seems "oddly appropriate," given the actual nature of this season's top-secret final scene. Lindelof and Cuse will further whittle down the list each week via their ABC podcast.

In the meantime, TVGuide.com is here to tell you what this year's "Frozen Donkey Wheel" will not be nicknamed. In this "bonus" episode of our Getting Lost video series, the producers reveal the No. 1 Rejected Code Name — god-awful misspellings and all.

Now if I may brazenly stir the pot, is it that the "worst" suggestion is that bad ... or perhaps Darlton's "problem" with it is that it's far, far too accurate and thus spoilery? A-ha!

Watch and discuss the video, after the jump. read more

Save the Date, May 7: Nice Day for a Grey's Wedding?

Will Grey's Anatomy's Mer becomes Mrs. McDreamy?

The only question is whose, exactly.

At a party marking the filming of Grey's Anatomy's 100th episode, series creator Shonda Rhimes confirmed that the milestone hour will air May 7 — and indicated that it might feature the nuptials of the show's central couple.

"The only thing I'll tell you about the 100th [episode] is that it takes place on ... read more

Bones Gets a 'Toon-Up: Boreanaz and "Stewie" Talk Smack

Bones' David Boreanaz, Family Guy's Stewie

As Bones' Booth ponders becoming a family man, he'll get a visit from Family Guy's Stewie, in a "crossover" episode slated to air May 7.

The set-up for this unusual merger of genres: When Bones' Brennan asks Booth to father her a child, the normally nonplussed federal agent becomes consumed ... read more

Exclusive: Lost Fans Invited to Weigh In on Season Finale


Lost executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof promised to call me as soon as they came up with a nickname for the closing — and assuredly jaw-dropping — scene of this season's finale, which is now slated for May 13.

The thing is, the boys aren't nicknaming that moment this year.

You are.

TVGuide.com has learned exclusively that ... read more

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