Brothers & Sisters Finale: Who's Going to Die?

Brothers & Sisters

Brothers & Sisters' Walker family has overcome cancer and a miscarriage this season, and it has dealt with the loss of the family business. What else could go wrong?

Finale Preview: Get scoop on 31 must-watch season-enders

From the look of the promos for Sunday's Season 4 finale (10/9c on ABC) — a lot. The episode includes a massive car accident, and it appears that at least one Walker won't survive. So, who... read more

Grey's Anatomy Finale: Who Is the Shooter?

Grey's Anatomy

Be on the lookout for an armed man on the loose in the halls of Seattle Grace.

Exclusive: Mandy Moore to guest-star in Grey's Anatomy finale

A source confirms that the top-secret story line of Grey's Anatomy's season finale is... read more

CSI's Marg Helgenberger: Catherine Will Risk Everything to Stop Dr. Jekyll

Marg Helgenberger, CSI

CSI's 10th season has seen Catherine Willows (Marg Helgenberger) rise to the challenge of being a supervisor. But how will she respond when one of her team members is suspected of murder?

Check out photos of the CSI cast

In Thursday's episode, Dr. Ray Langston (Laurence Fishburne) continues his obsessive hunt for serial killer Dr. Jekyll. But when Heidi Custer (Monet Mazur), an investigative reporter from Langston's past, ends up dead, some begin to wonder if Langston himself is behind the Jekyll murders.

"There are some doubts in some of the other team members, but Catherine is the one who really has his back," Helgenberger says... read more

Does The Mentalist See Love in Patrick Jane's Future?

Leslie Hope and Simon Baker, The Mentalist

After two seasons of hunting the serial killer that murdered his wife and daughter, is The Mentalist's Patrick Jane ready for a little off-the-clock happiness in his life?

In Thursday's penultimate Season 2 episode (10/9c on CBS), Jane (Simon Baker) investigates the murder of a man who works to fight human trafficking. While on the case, Jane's path crosses once again with Kristina Frye (24's Leslie Hope), the psychic therapist he met last season and who is now also consulting part-time for the police. And it's safe to say that Jane is a little smitten.

Check out photos of The Mentalist's cast

"The producers were looking for somebody to engage Jane in a slightly different way than has been happening with his character at work," Hope tells TVGuide.com of her character's return... read more

How Far Will Justified's Raylan Go to Help His Ex's New Man?

Timothy Olyphant, William Ragsdale

Justified's Raylan Givens seems like the kind of guy who would do almost anything for his ex-wife, Winona. But isn't risking himself for her current husband, Gary, pushing it a little?

6 Reasons you should be watching Justified

In Tuesday's episode (10/9c on FX), Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) finds himself on involuntary vacation while the U.S. Marshal's office continues to deal with the firestorm Raylan's created. So, he fills his downtime by helping Gary (William Ragsdale), a real estate agent who owes money to the kinds of "investors" you don't want to deal with... read more

NCIS: Will Abby's Trip to Mexico Unearth Gibbs' Secrets?

Sean Murray and Pauley Perrette, NCIS

On Tuesday's NCIS (8/7c on CBS), Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette) takes a rare trip outside her lab, and her visit to Mexico could mean trouble for Gibbs (Mark Harmon).

Check out photos of the NCIS cast

Abby is invited to speak at a symposium in Mexico about cold-case forensics, using real evidence from old cases. "Abby is in Mexico simply to teach, but she does make some cold-case discoveries while she's there," Perrette tells TVGuide.com. "She makes a few discoveries, actually, that come back around to other parts of our NCIS story lines that have been building for years."

In particular, Abby finds a bullet she believes she can trace, which makes Gibbs, who murdered a Mexican drug dealer responsible for the death of his wife and daughter, more than a little nervous... read more

Is Michael Trucco More Than the Other Guy in Castle's Love Triangle?


Michael Trucco knows a thing or two about being "that guy" in a TV love triangle.

Castle's Stana Katic: Beckett's ready to tango with new love interest

Trucco's Samuel Anders came between romantic leads Kara "Starbuck" Thrace (Katee Sackhoff) and Lee "Apollo" Adama (Jamie Bamber) on Battlestar Galactica. Now on Castle, Trucco plays Detective Tom Demming, an increasingly powerful wedge between Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Detective Beckett (Stana Katic).

But Trucco tells TVGuide.com there's more to his role on Castle than creating another obstacle to a Castle-Beckett pairing. "It's an interesting plot device to enter in a third wheel — it always helps raise the stakes for all parties involved. But often, those characters can be one-dimensional," Trucco says. "What I like about Demming is he's actually a good guy. There's some sincerity in this character and I think he's genuine in his feelings for Beckett.

"He checks with Castle first," Trucco continues, recalling one of his character's first scenes... read more

Cleveland Show Creator: Writing Raps for Kanye Was Like Painting for Picasso

The Cleveland Show

Could the writers of The Cleveland Show have a future creating rhymes for Kanye West?

"It's like you're painting something to show Picasso," Cleveland Show co-creator and executive producer Mike Henry tells TVGuide.com of writing a rap for West, who voices a character in Sunday's episode. "He read it, and he was laughing. We had a room of five or six guys that wrote the rap, and Kanye joked we should write on his next album."

Check out photos of The Cleveland Show

West, the Grammy-winning rapper who is almost as well known for his antics as his music, voices Kenny West, a small-time rapper and the coolest kid in Stoolbend. When Cleveland Jr. falls for Kenny's girlfriend (voiced by Taraji P. Henson), they stage a rap-off to win the girl's heart.

Henry says getting West on board was a snap... read more

Criminal Minds 100th Episode Brings Big Loss and Change

Thomas Gibson, Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds marks its 100th episode by circling back to the beginning and addressing issues raised then, as well as bracing for a future with a "new reality" — and "new family."

Check out photos of the Criminal Minds cast

"There's a question raised in the pilot episode of whether you can spend your time hunting monsters and not become a monster," executive producer Ed Bernero tells TVGuide.com. "We wanted to revisit that question 100 episodes later and see if the answer changed. Hotch [Thomas Gibson] does something that makes you wonder what's happened to everybody [since the start]."

Bernero promises two deaths by the end of Wednesday's episode.... read more

Melrose Place Episode Recap: "Cahuenga"

Heather Locklear

The bitch is back, people! Tuesday's episode of Melrose Place marked the return of Heather Locklear to the cast. The fans have been gagging for her, of course, but her arrival is doubly important now that the show is flailing in the ratings and still waiting for that full-season pickup. Does Locklear have the stuff to save the show... again? Read on to see how Amanda Woodward finds herself back at the Place, and weigh in on what you thought of her return.

read more

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