Dear Soaps, Why are the writers...

Dear Soaps,
Why are the writers letting Bridget make such a big deal out of Brooke and Thorne being together when they didn't over Brooke and Ridge? The relationship of Thorne to Bridget is the same as Ridge to Bridget, but she didn't mind her mom and Ridge? — Rhonda

Dear Rhonda,
Ridge is also Bridget's half-brother, so it would certainly seem that Bridget should have been as upset over his relationship with her mom as she is over Brooke and Thorne. But I have a few theories of why she's more vocal about the latter. One, Bridget is now old enough to understand the implications of her mother dating her half-brother (How do you explain that one to your temperamental teenage friends?) Bridget spent the first several years of life, 'til about 6 or 7, believing that Ridge was her dad until a second paternity test proved Eric is her true father. She may see Ridge as more of a paternal figure. And don't forget, Bridget's disdain is being fueled b read more

Dear Soaps, I remember that Alan's...

Dear Soaps,
I remember that Alan's lover/Jason's mother was Susan Moore on General Hospital. When Jason decided to distance himself from the Quartermaines, how did he come up with the last name Morgan?
— Lacy

Dear Lacy,
Morgan is Lila's maiden name and is shared by her niece Chloe Morgan. (MJM)

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The newest crop of daytime performers...

The newest crop of daytime performers is coming from a most unusual source — reality based programming. Taking advantage of breakout stars from shows like CBS's megahit Survivor and others, daytime is giving these overnight sensations a chance to bring their natural spark to the soap canvas.

Mark Paredes is joining the Days cast in the role of Vito, an Italian chef. Casting director Fran Bascom called in Paredes after learning the former U.S. diplomat has a flair with languages-he speaks seven. Paredes had coincidentally just appeared as a contestant on the Fox game show Greed. Paredes will be whipping up exotic dishes at Moroni's restaurant in Italy, where he'll no doubt spice things up for Brandon and Sami. Paredes has some acting credentials to back up his newest role. He's been a soccer commentator in Mexico, a DJ in Italy, and a tour guide at Disney World. Survivor castaway Sean Kenniff will also grace the daytime scr read more

Golden Globe Award winner Russ...

Golden Globe Award winner Russ Tamblyn joins real-life daughter, Amber Tamblyn (Emily) with a guest appearance on General Hospital. The versatile actor plays Dr. Rose, who treats an injured Emily at a local clinic. His performances will run September 15, 18 and 19.

Fans may remember Tamblyn's first appearance on General Hospital during the fifth annual Nurses Ball. Tamblyn appeared in Emily and Edward's (John Ingle) I Don't Need Anything but You number dressed as an ice-cream man. Tamblyn's return to the show will be the first time he and his daughter work dramatically together on television. "I am extremely proud of the work that Amber has done on General Hospital and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to work with her," says Tamblyn in a statement.

Tamblyn has an intensive list of film and television credits. He's starred in the movie versions of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, West Side Story and others. Tam read more

E! presents an intimate portrait...

E! presents an intimate portrait of the life of The Bold and the Beautiful star Hunter Tylo (Taylor) in its Celebrity Profile series. Tylo gives a candid peek into her personal life as she discusses on her court battle with television titan Aaron Spelling and how she coped with the devastating diagnosis of eye cancer for her youngest child. The program also explores the strain small screen success put on Hunter's marriage to fellow soap actor Michael Tylo (Sherman Gales, B&B) and how they overcame it. Tylo's Celebrity Profile premieres Sept. 6… If you live near Lenox, MA, and love the sound of a harmonious voice, you're in luck. Ron Raines (Alan, GL) will sing with The Boston Pops at Tanglewood on Aug 28. An accomplished performer, Raines has performed on Broadway and with the New York City Opera. Raines can also be heard singing his favorite tunes on his solo album, Broadway Passion. For information, contact 4 read more

As The World Turns: Kitty Lunn...

As The World Turns: Kitty Lunn (ex-Dr. Jill Rosenstein, Loving) joins the cast in the role of Sally, Kim's assistant at WOAK, beginning Aug. 30. At Kim's request, Sally will encourage Andy to attend a support group for people who are disabled. Lunn, who is wheelchair bound due to an accident in 1987, is the Founder and Executive Director of the Infinity Dance Theater, which showcases performance artists with disabilities and non-disabled artist over the age of 40.... Chad Tucker returns in the role of Curtis beginning Aug. 29.... Chuck Wagner (ex-Randall, GH) plays a preacher and Luba Mason his wife who preside over a Las Vegas wedding ceremony starting Sept. 1.

Guiding Light: Philip Anthony will play Diego, a construction worker, beginning Sept 7. Anthony made his lead role daytime debut as Bernado on ABC's The City.... Chris John plays the stalker after Cassie and Ron Matthews steps in as Rourke, read more

Mary K. Wells, former daytime...

Mary K. Wells, former daytime actress and Emmy Award winning writer for All My Children, died last week from a colon infection. Wells was 79.

Wells, a Nebraska native, expressed her interest in acting at an early age. She moved to Hollywood in her early twenties and landed small roles in several films, but would soon discover her true calling in the world of daytime. Wells began her soap career as a featured performer the NBC anthology serial, Modern Romances, which brought stories from the magazine of the same name alive on the small screen. She played several soap roles including Ellie Crown on Love of Life (1955-56), Louise Cole on As the World Turns (1956) and Nola Hollister on The Secret Storm (1971). Wells is best remembered as upper-class suburban housewife Louise Grimsley Capice on Edge of Night, a role she assumed in 1961 and played until 1970.

After a 20-year career portraying soap characters, Wells decided to mak read more

This week on Passions, Ethan makes...

This week on Passions, Ethan makes a shocking confession as Theresa's life hangs in the balance. Ethan learns that a young woman has been injured in a motorcycle accident and takes off to look for Theresa, who was in a distraught emotional state after Ethan told her he doesn't love her in a romantic way. "Ethan's trying to tell Theresa that he's going to marry Gwen and she runs away," says his portrayer, Travis Schuldt. "He overhears Miguel saying that his motorcycle is gone. So Ethan kind of puts two and two together. He comes up on a scene of an accident; a car and a motorcycle that were in a wreck. He ask the bystanders and they say a girl that was actually on the motorcycle was taken to the hospital."

At the hospital, an unconscious Theresa fights for her life. The doctors advise that a testament of love may save her and Ethan admit his feelings, but does he mean what he says? "At first, Ethan's doing it because he wants Theresa to live, he doesn't want her to di read more

Dear Soaps, How did the NBC soap...

Dear Soaps,
How did the NBC soap Sunset Beach end its three-year run? — TJay1777

Dear TJay1777,
The sun set on Sunset Beach with mostly happy endings when it aired for the last time on Dec. 31, 1999, just a few days short of its third anniversary. Annie and Olivia buried the hatchet as did Carmen and Gabi. Sean reunited with Emily. Casey and Sara looked toward the future. Gregory went to jail. In a classy move, actor Eddie Cibrian got time off from his prime-time show Third Watch so he could reprise Cole, who was reunited with Caitlin and Trey. Bette and A.J. began a romance. There was one bittersweet moment when Gabi announced that she was leaving Sunset Beach, following the revelation that she had betrayed Ricardo with his brother Antonio, a priest. Michael and Vanessa and Ben and Meg were wed in a double ceremony. Then, Meg woke up back in Kansas. All the Sunset characters were suddenly playing her read more

Dear Soaps, I am unclear on what...

Dear Soaps,
I am unclear on what happened between Kevin and Grace on Port Charles. I understand Rachel and Estelle both blame Kevin for Grace's death, but how did she have a daughter without Kevin knowing? — Alisia917

Dear Alisia917,
Well, it's a lot easier for a guy to not know he's fathered a child than it is for a woman to not know. The full details have yet to air; however, it's likely that Grace either didn't tell Kevin she was pregnant or she tried to and failed. Long lost children are a soap opera staple. They pop out of the woodwork all the time. Just ask As the World Turns's Dr. John Dixon or Days of Our Lives's Stefano DiMera. (MJM)

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