Dear Soaps, I am unclear on what...

Dear Soaps,
I am unclear on what happened between Kevin and Grace on Port Charles. I understand Rachel and Estelle both blame Kevin for Grace's death, but how did she have a daughter without Kevin knowing? — Alisia917

Dear Alisia917,
Well, it's a lot easier for a guy to not know he's fathered a child than it is for a woman to not know. The full details have yet to air; however, it's likely that Grace either didn't tell Kevin she was pregnant or she tried to and failed. Long lost children are a soap opera staple. They pop out of the woodwork all the time. Just ask As the World Turns's Dr. John Dixon or Days of Our Lives's Stefano DiMera. (MJM)

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Dear Soaps, Give us your insight...

Dear Soaps,
Give us your insight on the Young and the Restless storyline involving Mac not wanting her mother to know where she is? I've heard and read rumors that her stepfather is the one she is scared of. What's your take on this? — Melissa

Dear Melissa,
There's been some indication that Mac's stepdad is indeed the one she's trying to hide from, but in true Y&R fashion, the details are being released slowly. Some well-known soap actresses read for the part of Mac's mother, Amanda, last year, but the role was never cast. Sources say the search is back on. If the show casts an actress who can go to the mat with the likes of Jess Walton's Jill, viewers could be in for some powerhouse scenes. Stay tuned. (Michael J. Maloney)

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Dear Soaps, I am a little confused...

Dear Soaps,
I am a little confused about Katherine Chancellor's son, Brock Reynolds. Why is the last name different from hers? Is he the son of Phillip Chancellor? If not, who's the father? — Mary

Dear Mary,
Your confusion is understandable, but Brock doesn't share his mother's (or, as he calls her, "Duchess") last name because he is not the son of her second husband, the late Phillip Chancellor II. Brock's father was the late Gary Reynolds, Katherine's first husband. All of this was backstory because when Y&R debuted in 1973, Katherine was already married to Phillip. Eventually we learned about her son Brock, who was off in Europe squandering his inheritance with Lori Brooks while attending college. (DD)

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Dear Soaps, Who played the original...

Dear Soaps,
Who played the original A.J. on General Hospital and how many actors have played him since then? — David435

Dear David435,
Since A.J., which stands for Alan Junior, was born on the show (who could forget Lesley Webber delivering him as Monica blurted out her baby's father was really Lesley's own husband, Rick, and not Alan? — though she was wrong), there have been a lot of actors who have portrayed him. Let's take a walk down memory lane. To date, seven actors have played the role of A.J. The first six were Abraham Geary; Jason Marsden; Christopher Ren Nelson; Justin Whalin, who went on to play Jimmy Olson on the prime-time series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman; Gerald Hopkins and Sean Kanan. Currently, Billy Warlock is playing the role of A.J., sporting a dark head of hair (at times A.J. has been blond and fair like his mother, Monica). W read more

Dear Soaps, Does Lindsay Korman...

Dear Soaps,
Does Lindsay Korman (Theresa) sing the theme song from Passions? — Irene

Dear Irene,
The voice that sings "Breathe," the main title theme of Passions, is certainly sweet enough to belong to Korman, but the song is actually sung by melodic songwriter Jane French. French, who has been performing music since the age of 8, co-wrote the Emmy-nominated song with her producer/manager John Henry, one of the show's composers. Back in 1998, French's mom sent her daughter's song demo to Henry. He was already familiar with her voice since he had produced her performances for several toy commercials, and was quickly captivated by her savvy songwriting. Henry encouraged French to submit some of her work for the Passions theme song, and as they say, the rest is history. Want to hear more from this talented singer? French is working on a solo project for NBC Records. Look for her first album to be rele read more

Dear Soaps, I recently heard that...

Dear Soaps,
I recently heard that Tara Reid from the movie American Pie played a role on Days of Our Lives. Could you please tell me who she played and how she was connected to the storyline? Thank you. — Mandy

Dear Mandy,
You heard correctly. Tara Reid, who starred as Viki, the girlfriend of one of four high school guys who make a pact to lose their virginity in the coming-of-age teen flick American Pie did appear briefly on the daytime canvas. Reid played Ashley, a friend of Samantha Brady, on Days of Our Lives back in 1995. You may recall the time Sami ran away to Seattle after she had slept with Austin and Lucas. She stayed with her friend Ashley while she was there. Ashley encouraged Sami to return to Salem, which Sami, who was pregnant, eventually did. Tara will be making some beautiful music in her next role. She's currently filming a movie version of Josie and the Pussycats. Tara plays Mela read more

Dear Soaps, Is the guy who plays...

Dear Soaps,
Is the guy who plays FBI agent Larkin on General Hospital the real-life brother of Timothy Gibbs, who plays Kevin on One Life to Live? They look so much alike. — Radrobd

Dear Radrobd,
While there may be a strong resemblence, David Gibbs, Timothy Gibb's older brother, does not play the role of FBI agent Larkin on GH. That lofty job goes to actor Scott Connell. But David has wielded a badge on another soap. He played officer Brian Tibbs alongside his brother on Another World, who originated the role of Gary Sinclair on the show. David also played a bit part on As the World Turns in the late '90s. (DD)

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Dear Soaps, I was under the impression...

Dear Soaps,
I was under the impression that Ashley faked out her brother as to who she actually slept with on the cruise she took? Yet there seems to be a mysterious question as to whether or not it may be Victor's baby. Now Diane is carrying Victor's baby. Did both these women dip into the sperm deposit without Victor's knowledge or consent? BunnyLindaRabbit

Dear BunnyLindaRabbit,
Victor might want to look into hiring his own security at the sperm bank. My guess is that Ashley's carrying his baby. But we might not know that for a while. Look at how long it took to find out that Diane was carrying his baby. Ashley did lead Jack to believe that her baby's father was a shipboard romance. But viewers saw Ashley sneaking into the apartment where Diane was keeping Victor's sperm, so it's likely (and most dramatically effective) that Victor is the father of Ashley's baby. The question is will Ashley tell Victor? Back in the mid-'80s, Ashley read more

Dear Soaps, On Guiding Light,...

Dear Soaps,
On Guiding Light, did Beth ever "die"? People at work try to tell me this all the time! — Laurence

Dear Laurence,
Do soap characters ever really die? Seriously, in 1986, when the popular Judi Evans, who most recently played Paulina on the canceled Another World, decided to leave her Emmy-winning role, the show handled Beth's exit in a most interesting way. The character of Professor Blackburn kidnapped Beth. Soon Blackburn turned up dead but there was almost no sign of Beth. Phillip's father, Alan, who had never really approved of Beth, didn't want his son to suffer the burden of not knowing what happened to his beloved, so he fabricated evidence to make it appear Beth had also died. It probably wasn't a huge shock for Alan when Beth returned in 1989, in the form of its current portrayer, Beth Chamberlin, alive and well. (DD)

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Dear Soaps, Whatever happened...

Dear Soaps,
Whatever happened to Kristen and Susan on Days of Our Lives? Rozcat

Dear Rozcat,
It seems that a lot of people miss the Elvis-loving Susan, who was a dead ringer for the manipulating Kristen. Stefano originally hired the pregnant Susan to pose as Kristen, who had lost her baby during an explosion in Stefano's underground cave, but was still pretending to be pregnant so she could stay with John Black. After numerous encounters with Kristen, who was determined to get custody of Susan's baby, Susan fled to England with the baby, who she had named little Elvis. Kristen kidnapped Susan's sister, who actually was a sister — Sister Mary Moira Banks — to lure Susan back to the country. Kristen then sold Susan into slavery and planned to head to England to claim the baby. When a body was found in the pool who looked like Kristen, everyone in Salem believed Kristen was dead. Kristen, who assumed Susan's personality, pret read more

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